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This collection of portraits, personal belongings and the people who carry them is very interesting. Each one of these photos tells a narrative — a story about what makes up a person. When you pack your bag or stuff your pockets each day to go out into the world, you take with you what you need to carry on. It is surprising what objects people deem to be worthy of travel.

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Logo Design: At First Glance

General Design, Graphic Design

Logos are a big deal, especially because they are often the first image your audience will see — that one chance to make your mark and grab their attention. These well-designed logos are great examples of capturing the essence of a business’s work and creating something that speaks volumes at a glance.

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Furniture Design: We Are Family

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furniture design

Spontaneous hosting can be troublesome, but not when you have a Sofabed. This stack of bamboo and cotton is a 6-layered bed just waiting for company.  Oh, and yes, it was designed by an engineer.

practical design

compact design

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Delicate Designs: Spoons, Cups and Saucers

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unique designspoon designs

Here are some accessories for the kitchen that look like they are straight out of an illustrated children’s book.  Salt and pepper shakers, milk decanters, sugar bowls — all very odd, very gossamer and glamorous.  There is no telling if they are best fit for a breakfast table or a museum.

kitchen gadgetsunique teacupsporcelain creations creative product designproduct designs

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Thinking Outside the Pan

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design

product designbaking products

Sometimes unconventional means of baking can bring out the best of an old recipe — pie on a stick, cookies in a waffle maker, cake in a mason jar, brownies in a mug. There are so many ways to bake your favorite recipes! Take a look at how some people have used their creative license to bake a variety of desserts in very innovative ways.

innovative designscreative baking methods

unique baked goodsinnovative baking methods

kitchen gadgets

creative designs

unique baked goodsbaking products

unique housewares creative baking

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