Unzipping The Zipper

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 product design

The zipper can come in many different forms. In this collection, you will see that some zippers are created for strictly functional purposes, such as for use in marine and space attire; while others are created purely in the name of fashion and design. See how the zipper, or the “clasp locker” as it was introduced at the 1893 World’s Fair, has been put to use over the last 118 years.

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Friday’s In Technicolor

General Design, Graphic Design, Photography

still photography

I Art U is a website that has dedicated Fridays to a series of color-themed photo shoots. Every still life is focused on a spectrum of color and is arranged in a very eye-catching manner. The unique juxtaposition of each object, along with perfect lighting, make every fresh picked piece of produce or texture rich surface come alive in Technicolor.

color-themed photo shootunique designtechnicolor designphotography designcreative designscolor collectioncolor photographygraphic designphotography websiteinteresting designphotography styleunique photographyinnovative idea

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Future Broadcasting

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

Camera operators who are familiar with filming objects in water know that light refraction makes it difficult to view underwater scenes in relationship to above water happenings. The new technology shown in the video above utilizes a 2-camera system in tandem and set to different focal points to correct a real-time display. This makes it easier for both judges and viewers of synchronized swimming to enjoy the performance in clarity.  

broadcasting design

The video also shows how real-time helicopter footage can have overlapping graphics, similar to that of Google Earth, from in-air shoots of large cities when reporting live traffic, large public events or disasters. Also, take a look at the super small broadcast vehicle in comparison to its bigger, bulkier counterpart—the TV van. Running on electricity—this vehicle is smaller, quieter and more efficient than traditional broadcast vehicles.

new video technology

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Exploded View of The Tata Nano

General Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

tata nano design

You have got to see this interactive view of the Tata Motor Company’s Nano.  This installation is on display for viewers to see in person or online by taking a virtual tour.  The images below are screen shots of the interactive website that allows you to roam the display at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art on Cornell’s Campus in Ithaca, New York.  Believe it or not, this car sells for $2,200.

car designautomobile designinteractive designinteractive art

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Designer Profile: Mike & Maaike

Designer Profiles, General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design

product designerssimple designfunctional design

Mike and Maaike, a design studio out of San Francisco is putting out some decent modern designs—all of which are simple and functional. Their furniture designs are so simple, yet still elegant and the rest of their product designs are approached in the same manner. Take a minute to take a look.product design firmsmodern product designfurniture designorganized designfurniture designerssimple product design

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