Mighty Mini Hand Tools

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compact tool design

Mako uses aerospace titanium to pack a punch with this mini bicycle tool. This all-in-one tool is great for tightening spokes, handlebars and cables.
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Then there is the Switch. Simple, sleek and small – this customizable pocketknife can be used anywhere and for many purposes. Just choose your tools, load them in the casing, lock it up and you’ll be able to stash all the tools you need in your pocket.

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There is also the Credit Card Companion.  This Swiss Army style, credit card-sized tool kit has it all and its thin, flat design enables you to easily carry this tool kit anywhere you go.Swiss Army designs

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The Science (and Math) of Credit Cards

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new technology 

Super smart credit cards are just as cool as they sound. Take a look at the security features on these flexible, waterproof and programmable credit cards.

And, did you ever wonder what all those numbers on your credit card mean? Well, you don’t need to be Rain Man to figure it out – just grab a calculator and your credit card and follow the directions on this illustration to find the hidden meaning behind those 16 digits. credit card technology

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Hello Jell-O: Interactive Website Design

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unique web designinteractive web designunique websitescreative website

JELL-O has developed a great online visual guide that can help you find JELL-O brand products in your favorite flavors. Simply slide the interactive scale to discover Pistachio, Pineapple, Berry Blue, and everything in between. Once you’ve found a flavor, just click on it and you’ll get a list of the products that offer it – be it the famous gelatin dessert, instant pudding or a No-Bake dessert — deliciously creative!

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Behold The Fold: Book Art

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book designunique paper design

There is not much more to say about these books – the pictures pretty much say it all. The designer made strategic folds in the pages to create words in a way I have never seen before. This actually looks like something that could have been on the documentary “Between the Folds”, had it been about 10 minutes longer.

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Busker Biker

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unique bike design

Take a look at (and listen to) Puncture Kit, the London busker who rides his bike to a location, assembles it into a drum kit, and then plays for crowds. Kudos to this guy for his creativity as a street performer.

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