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Have you ever wondered what a letter from a famous person of yesteryear would look like? Well, Letterheady can help make that a reality. They have an extensive archive of letterheads belonging to famous people and companies – each accentuating the unique, idiosyncratic flair of its author. Take a look at these creative letterheads from some of the most legendary trailblazers of the early 20th century.

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Donations Going Digital

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digital donationsRed Kettle project 

The Salvation Army has made its way into the 21st century! With that said, having no change in your pocket is no longer an excuse for walking by without making a donation. These card swipes have been installed onto the traditional red kettles to give credit card users a quick and simple way to donate. People can also donate by downloading the Red Kettle app on their Apple devices or by texting “GIVE” to 85944 — which will make an automatic $10 donation.

integrating modern technology 

It’s great to see that organizations like these can find a way to incorporate modern technologies into their philanthropy. It’s also nice to see that there are still people who will volunteer their time to ring a bell in the cold for a good cause.

Red Kettle iphone app

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Disney Does It Again

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creative cake designinteractive cakesunique cake design

Disney is known for taking things to whole new dimensions; so what’s next on their list? Cakes! As you can see below in the sketches sent to the U.S. Patent Office, it appears Disney has found a way create interactive 3-D cakes. These cakes will have a built-in pico projector that will tell a story as you slice and serve it to your guests. Birthday, sweet sixteen and wedding cakes will never be the same!

Disney interactive cakes  projector cake design

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Sensible Design: Pay-As-You-Sit Seating

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

public seating design sensible design

When I saw these Pay-As-You-Sit chairs I was immediately reminded of the discount grocery store, ALDI. For those unfamiliar with ALDI, they require a quarter deposit to use a shopping cart. Much like these chairs, the carts are linked together and you must insert a deposit to release one. Once you’re done with your cart, you simply link it back to the others and your quarter is returned. This is such an innovative idea and a great way to have fewer carts scattered around the store and parking lot.

innovative designunique seating

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IKEA Hack Coat Rack

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation, Upcoming Inventions

organized design  unique product design

Here’s an IKEA hack for those of us who sling our coats and pants over the back of chairs. These chairs are sliced to a third of their normal depth and are designed to be mounted on a wall. This may be a simple idea, but it makes for an effective and functional IKEA hack. For those of you new to IKEA hacks, check this out.

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