Conceptual Design: All-In-One Printer, Scanner, and Computer Monitor

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innovative computer designfuturistic computer designfunctional design

Somebody, anybody — please make this a reality as soon as possible! Such a work station combination had never occurred to me.  As is too often the case, however, this is only a concept, so don’t ask me where you can buy one.

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Custom-Made and One Of A Kind: Volkswagen Mods

General Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

creative Volkswagen models

Some things are better left unchanged. Then, there are things that are better once they have been modified – boats, balls, bikes and trains, to name a few. There is no limit to how creative some people can be to separate themselves from the rest. Take a look at some extreme modifications Volkswagen enthusiasts have made to turn their vehicles from ordinary, to extraordinary. 

 Volkswagen designsinnovative vehiclesunique Volkswagenscreative vehiclescustom made vehiclesstrange car designsunique automobilescreative Volkswagen modelsone-of-a-kind designsinteresting car designsodd car designscar designsunique designautomobile inventionscustom volkswagensinnovative designunique Volkswagencustom car designVolkswagen limo bug

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Creative Collective: Locks Of Love

General Design, Innovators & Creators

creative designs

Being creative doesn’t always have to be about individuality; sometimes a collective effort can mean just as much. These images are from around the world, all symbolizing love and good luck in relationships. The locks are adorned with the names or initials of couples, then locked alongside many others. The key is tossed away, so the locks can not be undone. 

Many creative couples from around the world have sought out locations in Hungary, Russia, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Japan to show their love by locking onto fences, fountains and lamp posts. 

locks of lovecreative lock collectioninnovative designpadlock artcreative collections

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Creative Ways to Sell

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Innovation

Sometimes the only advantage of what you sell, is how you sell it. Take a look at how selling the ordinary can be better for business, when you sell it extraordinarily. Flinging fried dough, tricky ice cream scooping, onion volcanoes and twirling pizza dough – Each one of these people has found a very creative way to sell.

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Furoshiki Packaging

General Design, Product Design, package design

gift wrapping design Wrapping a gift can be simple, or you can make it a little more unique. Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese art of wrapping, may be the way to go. As shown in these examples, you can pair up objects or wrap them alone. The idea is to fold and tie strategic knots, thereby creating a presentable end result. 

Furoshiki designsJapanese art

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