The Fortune Tee

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation, package design

creative fortune cookiefortune cookie designcreative advertising

Here is a clever way to advertise, an over-sized fortune cookie with a T-shirt inside. When you open the cookie, your fortune is shown on a printed shirt.

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Ornamental Origami Design

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

origami jewelrycreative origami designjewelry designsilver origami design

Depicting origami animal figures, these metal jewelry pieces are pretty unique. They look fragile, intricate and absolutely fun to wear. Created of rhodium-plated silver, who wouldn’t find these creative?

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Functional Design: Bags Galore

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

creative grocery bagbackpack designrecycled bag designstorage bag

There is no one out there that doesn’t, at some point, have to pack up their things and go. I have my carry-on, my tech bag, my bike bag and my trusty backpack. Whether repurposed, handmade or just plain cool, each of these bags makes for a better way to take your things with you.

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A Few Things For The Kitchen

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation, Upcoming Inventions

creative kitchen productskitchen gadgetsunique kitchen toolscooking gadget designmultifunctional designoil and vinegar containers

I just scoured Better Living Through Design for some kitchen gadgets and hit a goldmine. Touted as the direct link to the “best products in the design world that are available immediately for purchase online,” I think they accomplished it. Hit the links, and take a look at some really unique solutions to preparing and serving food from the kitchen.

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A Very Creative Halloween Costume

Designer Profiles, General Design, Photography, Product Design

You don’t have to worry about capturing photos of your Halloween Party with this costume. Designer Mike S., who is typically in charge of taking photos at company events, got very creative. He designed and built this digital camera costume, complete with an expanding lens, a fully functional flash and a hidden window from which he could take pictures with his actual camera. He could not have come up with a more perfect and fitting disguise — just one of the many creative costumes on display every year at the Inventionland Halloween Party.

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