Accidental Inventions

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Chance and close observation are sometimes the catalyst to the wonderful inventions we find all around us. Gizmodo recently listed the Top 10 Greatest (accidental) Inventions of All Time. Yes, of course they are, comically, not the greatest of all time, but they certainly include great stories of inventors discovering that what they stumbled upon was more successful than what they had intended on creating.

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Behold, The William

General Design, Industrial Design, Product Design

Check out the video to see why The William makes more sense than a traditional stove top range. Based on concentrated, precisely heated panels, this cooktop has it all — touch screen operation, flush, flat surface…. well, just take a look.

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Cornering The Helmet Market

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Good, a creative ad agency from Kazastan, has made helmet graphics better. Supposedly on a break from advertising, they decided to side track and give product design a try. The cleverly realistic, humorous helmet covers in these images wrap around the helmet to improve the visual appeal of an otherwise boring, standard safety helmet.

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Speed Dial: Patented Combination Locks

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Masterlock has taken on a new design in the hope of attracting a whole new generation of school-goers. This combination lock nixes the numbers and relies on the toggles. Using any combination of left, right, upward or downward motions, you can set this lock for your new locker this new school year.

I think it is pretty aesthetically pleasing, and it claims to have increased bolt cutter protection and anti-shim technology, too. I remember when locks used to have numbers on them; boy am I getting old.

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Creative Ad Campaign

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By simply dressing these vegetables in knit sweaters, Calgary Farmers Market is able to tell viewers that their market is open through the cold months too. Very well thought out, very well executed, I can see how this ad campaign could remind people to shop year ‘round at their fresh farmers market.

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