Stylish Design: Hitting The Right Note

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product packaging design

In a market with so many brands and styles of ear buds to choose from, Panasonic stands out from the rest. By nesting the ear buds in the shape of a musical note, consumers can instantly understand what the product is for. Packaging sells, and this is a great example of Panasonic doing it well.

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Inspiring Flip Book Video

General Design, Graphic Design

Check out this interactive book turned video. Sometimes a video like this is all the inspiration you need for getting started on your own creative project.

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Faking It

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

product design 

This unique device is used to simulate the flickering flash and glow of an HD television. Set it on a timer when you leave, and deter potential thieves who may otherwise enter your home. I actually think this is a great idea, especially since it swells and fades like a real TV, but uses 50 times less power to operate.  

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Beautiful Waves

General Design, Photography

These incredible images are from a collection of shore breaks by Clark Little. What crisp, clean pictures he captured, showing swirling sand, sea foam, mesmerizing crashing waves and transparent views through ripples of water. If these images don’t inspire you, nothing designbeach inspired photographyinspirational design colorful photograph design creative photography photographer innovative design unique inspiration photography beach wave photographyinnovative photography

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Daft Punk DIY

General Design, Industrial Design, Product Design

DIY product design

Lots of time, patience and money went into making this replica Daft Punk helmet. With over 750 steps and 17 months of documenting it, graphic designer Harrison Krix has posted this video to share with viewers. You have got to see it!

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