So Much For Seconds

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portion plate invention 

I thought this Wheel of Nutrition Plate is pretty funny. So, then I looked to see if ensuring the proper portion size was a big enough problem that someone would need to use an illustrated, color-coded surface to lay out their food. I guess some people do.  

new dishware product creative dishware products dishware design

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The Building of Inventionland

General Design, Photography

The home base for our blog is Inventionland. Inventionland is one of the most creative workplace environments in the world and certainly does inspire creative thought and innovative design. We thought you might enjoy viewing this amazing time-lapse video of the building of Inventionland.

To see more, you can check out the these additional news videos, visit the Inventionland flickr page, or download the Inventionland iphone app.

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Optical Illusion Of Time

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

creative clock product

There are few means by which people have found to tell time. Then there are the many ways that people have created to display time. This Aspiral Clock is a very unique approach to showing the time of day, and dizzying at that. As time marches forward, this spiral clock slowly turns, appearing to advance a rolling ball until it reaches the 12 o’clock hour and begins all over again. Clever.

aspiral clocks invention 

clock design

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Food For Thought

General Design, Innovators & Creators

food-inspired architecture design

Did you know that sticky rice was used in the design of ancient Chinese and Tibetan architecture? Using the glutinous properties of rice in their mortar, they were able to preserve tombs, pagodas and city walls, all of which have withstood the test of time. I can not imagine the number of earthquakes the rice-fortified structures have endured since first introduced during the Ming Dynasty!

building technology design Forbidden City creation

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Hot Summer Grilling Products

General Design, Product Design, Upcoming Inventions

Oh, it’s summertime now! Check out these designs that make grilling easy, from pressing the patties, firing up the grill, to flipping the burgers. Let the grilling begin!

Adjustable Burger Press grilling invention new grilling invention grill designgrill invention design

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