Things Around the Kitchen

Product Design, Product Innovation

Kitchen gadgets never get old, so here are five kitchen tools to make cooking easier, better or just plain cooler.

Grating bucket designKuhn Rikon Herb ChopperCalzone Mold

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Color Theory

General Design, Graphic Design

color pencil set sketching book design

Nice presentation for a pencil and notepad set. This comes from a website that has to be translated (for non-French speakers), so the image has to sell itself, which I think it does.

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Product Innovation: Rear View Helmet

General Design, Product Innovation

Rear View Mirror Helmet

A 36O-degree view while riding a motorcycle is priceless. But now that the world’s first patented rear view mirror helmet is available, you will have to shell out $38O. This purely mechanical, camera-free design reveals a clear view at the brow of the rider to see what is directly behind them. Clever design I must say.

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Breathable Baby Mattress Design

Product Design, Product Innovation, Upcoming Inventions

Pebble, the breathable sleep surface by Nook, has got a really good thing going on. They have designed a soft, asymmetrical mattress surface with enough nooks and crannies to provide airflow for infants so you need not worry when you lay your baby down at night.

Named for the appearance of its functional, textured surface, Pebble is a very responsible design for parents everywhere. Oh, and it is washable, breathable, non-toxic and has a wool fire barrier, as well.

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Japan: A 1O-Minute Crash Course

Graphic Design, Innovators & Creators

creative Japan

Japan- The Strange Country, gives a quick 10-minute view of Japanese culture using a fast-paced illustration technique. Our friend, Johnny Strategy at Spoon & Tamago, posted this video, and I thought it was worth sharing to help viewers better understand the culture of Japan, home to so many creative people and products.

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