Cute Children Cups

Product Design

Having a daughter who has recently begun to read letters and numbers every chance she can identify them, I thought this was a very cute set of cups. 

The Dieline included this image among others in their most recent Top 1O Package Designs.

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Package Design 1OO% Chocolate

General Design

chocolate box

Have your cake and eat it too! The contents are chocolate, the box is chocolate, everything is chocolate. This chocolate box is an edible way to creatively store your favorite chocolate treats, and it is way more delicious than any other box of chocolates out there.

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Bloom Box – The Future of Fuel Cells?

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Bloom Box claims to have designed a power generator that combines oxygen and natural gas, biogas or solar energy to create electricity. ”6O Minutes” interviewed the inventor and his financial backer, who are going extremely public after years of secrecy. Among the initial companies testing the hype — Google, eBay, and Walmart. Take a look at the video for yourself.

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Tasty Note Taking

Product Design, Product Innovation


These spiral paper note pads called Bloc Notes are a real fresh approach to office supply design. The pear and apple shaped notepads make up in detail what they lack in flavor; the seeds, stems and flesh of the fruit make each very appealing to the eye… maybe not as functional as Post-Its, but definitely more fun!


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What Do These Three Buttons Have In Common?



None of them actually work! I don’t know if this study is believable or not. Placebo buttons have been used on devices such as office thermostats, pedestrian crosswalks and elevators to allude to a control that users don’t actually possess. 

The crosswalk button you press to trigger the ‘cross now’ indicator; most likely not working due to computer controlled traffic signals if you are pushing it in a big city.

The thermostat that is twisted with the utmost precision by office employees who enjoy a personal comfort level; most likely a dummy switch, accented with an accompanying white noise device to fool you.

Waiting for the elevator door to close takes too long, so pressing the button with the arrows pointing at each other takes care of that, huh; well, actually it doesn’t. Once again, a placebo button used to instill a sense of control for those who need power at their fingertips. Wow, it appears that some user interfaces have an ugly side.

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