Science Is Fun Part 3: Water Marbles

General Design

Non-toxic water trick that produces transparent water marbles that will amaze you. Pretty cool science.

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Science is Fun Part 2: Elephant Toothpaste

General Design

What a colorful, fast-action experiment! I imagine its even cooler to see it in person. Elephant toothpaste, of course, is not a dental product, but a chemical reaction using a few simple chemicals and food dye.

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Apple iPad: It’s Here!

Product Design, Product Innovation

Steve Jobs ipad


Apple iPad

Fresh pictures from the Apple event live. Thanks to Gizmodo for live blogging, nice reporting!

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Science is Fun Part 1: Nitinol + Hot Water = Cool Shapes

Innovators & Creators

This video shows the shape memory and super elasticity properties of nitinol, a combination nickel and titanium alloy. Commonly used in watch springs, bra underwire and eyeglass frames, it can be instantly and repeatedly transformed into its originally formed shaped with exposure to heat. Take a look for yourself.

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Found Object: Shopping Cart Redesign

General Design, Product Design

shopping cart chart

Okay, the next time a grocery cart mysteriously appears on my street, it’s turning into one of these. This shopping cart has been transformed into a lamp, chair and table set. Nice work.

innovative design uniqie design

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