Goodbye 2OOO’s

General Design

Hello to a new decade! This is a pictorial wrap-up of what we did, what we saw and who did it over the last 10 years. From Y2K to the birth of Twitter, take a look back at what happened in what seemed to be the blink of an eye.


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Simple Syrup: Package Design

Graphic Design, Product Innovation

No, this is not some fine liquor or celebrity cologne. This bottle is the means of delivering a homemade maple syrup from a Virginia farm to consumers everywhere with taste. The thick glass bottle, natural brown color and official seal (if I’ve ever seen one) make this a great example of simple product package design. Back Creek Farms did a good job in designing this maple leaf styled syrup bottle for lovers of breakfast everywhere.

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Images That Really Pop

General Design, Graphic Design, Photography


Holographic art has reached a whole new plateau with this new development from Zebra Imaging. When trying to communicate the structure of a building, many developers build scale models with landscapes and scale indicators for viewers to better comprehend the proposed construction. By using Zebra Imaging’s holographic technology, you can render any image imaginable and create a two-dimensional study that has three-dimensional qualities. Just take a look….

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Keeping It Hot: Best Designed Cups and Mugs for 2009

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation, Upcoming Inventions

It doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, hot cocoa or tea that you need this winter, as long as your mug keeps it hot and looks good doing it. Submitted for your approval: the best designed cups and mugs for 2009.

Hot_Cocoa_Recipe-770388  CARABINER-COFFEE-MUG17424 coffee_mug  ringed-coffee-mug pantone_coffee_mug coffee-mug-cum-lens  coffee mug coffee mug, triple stacked  pessimists_coffee_mug on-off-coffee-mug

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Seven Ways to Shovel Snow

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation, Upcoming Inventions

Winter is definitely here and so comes the snow.  Shovels come in a variety of styles these days. Here are a few innovative ways to manage snowfall this season.

snow claw  avalanche snow shovel

 big snow shovel 

new snow shovel snow shovel invention

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