Yes, I am Here

General Design, Photography

google umbrella

This umbrella, shown in Google Maps, does a little trick of the eye when seen from a bird’s eye view. The design shows up as a “you are here” graphic on a captured image form, which can be entertaining to those people who love searching for interesting Google Street View and Maps snapshots.

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Portable Workstation

General Design

Talk about working inside of a box; this redefines working in a cube. And I thought my office was small! Okay, enough is enough, just take a look at this pop-up office set up.

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Grand Scale Set Design

General Design, Photography

blue whale

museum exhibit design

These two images were linked on a website I frequent, and they’re pretty powerful photographs, in my opinion. I think black and white photography can be executed so well, as well as reference to scale and time. These two images are great examples of that.

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Log Splitting Design

Graphic Design, Product Design

I grew up having to split wood when we lived with a wood-burning stove so, I can assure you, these two videos would have done wonders for me, had YouTube been around. The first shows ‘Nordic splitting.’ This is a smart way to splinter off pieces of wood from a log.


The second video shows how to keep your wood bundled as you chop away, being sure to make it safer and quicker to split your logs.

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Mushroom Chopper

General Design, Product Design

Mushroom Slicer Mushroom Slicer Kitchen Product

By cutting out a step, yes the pun is intended, this mushroom chopper makes it easier to cut and collect mushrooms right off of the cutting board. As you press down, the blades slice, and then the cut mushrooms fill the transparent cup so you can add them right into your salads, casseroles or soups. Smart thinking!

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