Cube Radio

Product Design, Product Innovation

This cube radio is a button-less radio that takes instruction by motion. The gravity switch enables an interface that increases and decreases volume and changes stations with a simple tilt, spin or roll. 


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Trick and Treat: Candy Corn Cones

Innovators & Creators

candycornWith a sense of humor and good timing on his side, rogue artist Diabetik of Washington D.C. might be able to pull this off without any fines or arrest. He has taken the liberty of decorating traffic cones with the ever-so-popular markings of traditional candy corn. No word on whether this has been allowed by the city, but I think it is quite creative and might make a few people slow down in time for the yearly trick-or-treat rush, which could use some slower traffic.

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Advice on Sketching

Design Tools, General Design, Graphic Design

design sketching

This advice for how to better render is a good set of guidelines. I, like others who have read this and posted, do not agree with the last one, though. ”Always cheat” is a bad way of saying reference what is around you. Underlays and references to scale and style are not cheating, so the wording threw me for a loop. But overall, it’s a good article.

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Package Design: Buckminster Snacker

Innovators & Creators, Product Design, Product Innovation, Prototyping, Upcoming Inventions

new doritos package

Geometric package designs for snacks are coming from all directions. Doritos has had a conceptual design overhaul, making a play on its famous triangular snack shape. 

new coke can

Impact extrusion is used to create this new Coke can redesign. Looks cool, I just hope it feels cool and can match the structural integrity of the current can.

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Energy in Motion

Product Design, Product Innovation

Rocking Chair Rochus Jacob Rocking Chair

Harnessing energy through the action of a rocking chair is a clever way to illuminate a reading light. The Murakami Chair does just that, and even has an OLED lamp that knows when it is needed and when to store energy for later use.

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