hide away tiles

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Droog DesignDroog Design, Function tile: Drawer

These bathroom tiles are a wonderful way to marry form and function. A pull-out drawer and a towel hook built into the tile is a simple, clever and ingenious use of space. Hideaway spaces always seem to work well in smaller areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

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Pet Pampering

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 pet invention

Travel friendly design has been extended to man’s best friend, thanks to the Travel-tainer. Conveniently compact and smart for travel, this container has pop-off water and food dishes with an air-tight container for dry pet food. I guess it could work with cereal and milk too, if you prefer.

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Directions in a Flash

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Maptor – Map and Projector Device by Jin-sun Park and Seonkeun Park

This concept design is something that might possibly become a reality. Maptor is a combination projector and map with built-in GPS. The lanyard design makes it easy to wear around your neck, and when you are in the midst of indecision, the projected map can help guide you to where you want to be. I would love to have one of these, if they ever make it to market!

Concept Design

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User Friendly Keys

Product Design

design keys
Good design reaches the masses and is relevant to most people. By that standard, this would be an example of good design. The icon design of these keys makes it easy to grab the correct key because the shape implies the lockset it matches. No more reaching for the front door key and getting your grandma’s garage door key in the wrong keyhole!

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Volt Vault

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surge protector

Here is a clever way to store small valuables, but a bad way to transfer electricity. Touted as a great way to fool maids and snoopy visitors, this surge protector vault is lightweight, visually authentic and even has an LED that glows red to fool the eye. Spy gear designs are always cool finds.

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