A Square Idea

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pizza box

Here is a creative and smart way to feast on your take-out pizza. This new design for the traditional pizza box tears apart into four square paper plates and then folds over to store whatever pizza may be leftover. It seems like the perfect way to save on plates and fit a pizza box in the fridge when you’re done eating!

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creativity as a craft

General Design, Graphic Design

unique greeting cardscreative card designhand made greeting cardscreative greeting cards

Creative people always find a way to market their creative work. These hand-made greeting cards, by a company in Arizona, are influenced by the work of Joan Miro and Alexander Calder. Using paper, wire, and spools of thread, each one of these cards are hand crafted as unique keepsakes for the recipient. Creativity can offer a wealth of opportunity for those who pursue their passion, and this is a perfect example of that.

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Build A Bike

Product Design, Product Innovation, Prototyping

build a bike Republic, whose motto is built by us and you, offers customers an interactive website for building your own bike. You pick the frame size, whether it is a fixed gear or not, and even the color of the chain, frame and saddle. This is great for catering to a society of people who point and pick everything from their fast food deli sandwiches to one-of-a-kind sneakers online. 

Design can sometimes be left to the consumer, and this is an example of how that can work. Allowing consumers the ability to engage in the process of building what they are buying is a great way to ensure a satisfied customer every time. More companies should choose this route of custom ordering.

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Skyline Blinds

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Check out these skylines created using natural light to generate silhouettes through windows. Natural sunlight streams through these perforated skyline blinds, which depict the famous skylines of Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm and Helsinki. Sunsets will never look the same through one of these.

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Branded Keyboard

Product Design

brand keyboard2 500x170 The Brand Keyboard is Sponsored by Everyone

Anyone who thinks the world around us is not affected by brands, tell me that you can’t translate this keyboard. E is for Ebay, T is for Twitter, C is for Coca Cola. What a clever way to engage people into thinking about what they are typing by associating each letter to a branded logo. And there’s more; each brand key, when selected after pressing the “www.” key will take users to the respective website.



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