GREAT Design: Color Coded Cords

Product Design

colored cords designAfter personally going through the task of popping in and pulling out plugs for a long weekend away from home, I would have loved to have seen a couple of these at my fingertips last Thursday night. This is another simple idea brought to fruition; simple problem, simple solution — great design! These color-coded clip-on tags are a great way to visually manage the cords behind your computer or beneath your TV, making it easy to identify which one you want to tug out of the socket.

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Paper Art

General Design

 paper art
Not since Kazimir Malevich have I seen such great work that was done as white on white. This set of paper art by Simon Schubert is fantastic. Click the link to see more; there are plenty of inspiring views like twisting staircases, architectural scenes and infinite hallways. Highly creative, but as simple as embossing a crisp piece of paper; I hope these images are an inspiration to you.

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USB in Disguise

Product Innovation, Upcoming Inventions

transformer usb
This product is so cool that you can’t even order it; you have to pre-order it. This 2GB Ravage Transformer USB is made from either 80% (C8) or 90% (C9) authentic Transformers, customized to hold 2GB of information. For $43 you can have one set on the reserve list and mailed to you later this year. I think this is a pretty clever design for storing data, but modifying a Transformer may offend some fanatic collectors.

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What Can Creativity Do?

Design Tools

Adjust your speakers and sit back for this one. This is an inspiring video about all things creative. The video was presented at a benefit show for the Ontario College of Art and Design back in 2005, but it has stood the test of time.

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Great Design: A Bicycle Built for Three

Product Design, Product Innovation

bike design
This bicycle built for three is a great design, made with the whole family in mind. Though it does look like a Duchamp painting come to life, this three-seater will definitely turn a few heads. It makes me wonder how many customized bikes like this have turned out from someone’s garage; it looks like it could pass for something from the 1920’s.

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