We’ve Reached 1,000 Stores!!

It’s only been a few months since we announced that Davison products have sold in more than 900 stores. Well, we’ve continued to add retailers at an incredible rate, and our total count of different stores that have carried Davison-designed products and packaging solutions has topped more than 1,000!

“Setting our mission one day to have inventions in 1,000 stores would be like a school boy believing he would have a Super Bowl ring on his finger someday,” said Founder and CEO George Davison to employees at a festive party held to celebrate the milestone.

Davison inventions“Well, the Walmart chain was just our first store, and we have been on this mission for 20-plus years,” he continued. “The once unthinkable has happened — our products have now sold in 1,000 different stores. It’s an incredible day for the company and for all of us. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this mission of making dreams come true.”

Although in business since 1989, all facets of the Davison Inventing Method were brought under one roof in Inventionland in 2006. Since then, Davison’s method has resulted in close to 200 additional products – with the total approaching 250 – that have sold in stores or other retailers.

Recently added stores include big names such as Ross and Shop NBC. In addition, numerous niche retailers that specialize in a particular category, such as pets, health and wellness, and cooking, added many products and product lines with the Davison “D” to their shelves, bringing up our total product count as well as store count.

George Davison“I find it extremely rewarding to be able to help the everyday ‘idea person’ bring their idea for a new product to life, and then hear their reaction after they actually see it in packaging and on the store shelf,” Davison said. “There’s nothing more exciting.”

In a recent profile of Inventionland on the CBS “Early Show,” reporter Taryn Winter Brill explained that Davison’s “assembly-line approach to trial and error has led products to find success in over 1,000 retailers.” The creative piece showed numerous successful products that got their start in Davison’s creative design facility.

Inventionland also offered the perfect setting for the celebratory gala. Following a dazzling laser-light show, Davison addressed the crowd from a rock in “Pondering Pond.”

Davison productsIt started with an idea to get an invention to the stores one day,” said Davison, as he opened a 9-liter bottle of champagne (with a dry, stubborn cork) to cheers from hundreds of employees.

“The light at the end of the tunnel was so far away, I didn’t know if we’d ever reach it … We climbed that hill, and we’re smashing through 1,000 stores today!”

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Another Davison Client Product Bound for CVS!

Davison inventions

Another D-lightful product that we created for a client and that was licensed by Health Enterprises soon will be headed to CVS! Health Enterprises recently got the “green light from CVS” on the 6-in-1 Manicure Multitool, which will be sold under the “Portables, by Essence of Beauty” brand name.

“Congratulations to our client, Cathalene,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing. “Her dream is about to come true!”

The Design team quickly made two more prototypes for CVS, as the retailer, which has more then 7,000 stores, prepared to add the product to store shelves.

“We’ve been working on that one on and off for 2½ years, so I’m very glad it has finally found a home!” said Davison’s Corporate Creative Coach. “I think everyone on my team has touched it in one way or another.”

The full manicure set has a nail file, two-sided nail buffer, cuticle pusher, two-sided cleaning stick, nail brush and nail clippers. By combining six tools into one convenient, compact tool, it is perfect for enhancing nails anytime, anywhere! It also has a silicone, non-slip grip that is gentle on the fingers.

The 6-in-1 Manicure Multitool is expected to hit CVS stores in December… what a perfect stocking stuffer, and what a great gift for our client! Congratulations, Cathalene, and to everyone who worked on this awesome new product!

The client has not made a net profit from this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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We’re Almost to 1,000 Stores!

It’s been less than two months since we announced that Davison products have sold in more than 900 stores. To our surprise, we’ve continued to add retailers at a fast and often incredible rate, and our total store count is almost at 1,000 (+990)!

davison inventions

This is due to the many new products we’ve designed and brought to market.  One recent example is the innovative Air Rack. This inflatable roof rack is now selling in TimBr Mart, Canada’s largest dealer-owned building materials buying group!

But that’s not all… we are in the process of adding numerous Swingers by Swing Away — the line of super-innovative collapsing kitchen utensils that we created for Xtraordinary Home Products (XHP).  Many more have just hit the market – totally 19 products in all.

Another fresh Davison product that hit the ever evolving marketplace is the Fill N’ Grill, which sold on QVC.  We are ecstatic to report that the Fill N’ Grill sold out of 3,000 units in just three minutes!  The Fill N’ Grill stuffed burger maker is a product that we created for XHP.  It’s a quick and easy way to fill a burger with your favorite ingredients.

pet inventionsDavison and Hugs Pet Products continue to produce exciting, new pet toys for the market.  Hugs recently introduced the Hydro Ball and Hydro Saucer, which joins the Hydro Bone  in an awesome and innovative line of toys for your dog.  You can find all three of these on the Hugs website and at a Sam’s Club or Bed, Bath and Beyond near you!

Major retailers that now carry the Davison “D” include Busy Beaver and Ritz Camera, both of which began selling the fun and convenient Party Traveler; TJ Maxx and Marshalls now sell the Hydro Bone and Costco Canada recently picked up the Aviva Cosmic Slide.  We are very excited to add these well-known retailers to our long list!

Davison designed productsWe’ve also added many niche-oriented e-commerce retailers selling the line of Hot/Cold Therapy Braces we designed for Health Enterprises, and niche-oriented online kitchen stores selling the Healthy Steps portion control utensils (we just added the Single Serve Water Infusers) and kitchen gadgets that we conceived in collaboration with Jokari.  We even found a few new online shops selling the Twister Caps/Bolts!

Next stop — The BIG 1,000!

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Total store count tops 900!

Davison products
It’s been less than three months since we announced that Davison products have sold in more than 800 stores. To no one’s surprise, we’ve continued to add retailers at an incredible rate, and our total store count is now 900!Davison inventions

This is due to the many new products we’ve designed and brought to market, including the Twirl-A-Ring, an innovative jump ring maker that we created for Darice; and the Hydro Ball and Hydro Saucer, new items in a line of hydrating chew toys we created for Hugs Pet Products.

Davison inventionIn addition, the line of silicone bakeware we designed for a client continues to grow with holiday-themed spin-offs for Valentine’s Day and Easter, with many more on the way!

Major retailers we have added include Pat Catan’s Craft Centers, with the Twirl-A-Ring and Party Traveler; Brookstone, with the Double Folding Garment Rack we designed for Honey Can Do; and Company of Dogs, an upscale catalog that is selling the Hydro Bone, Chew Core and Dog Wash.

Davison productWe also added many niche-oriented e-commerce retailers selling the line of Hot/Cold therapy braces we designed for Health Enterprises, and niche-oriented online kitchen stores selling the Healthy Steps portion control utensils and kitchen gadgets that we conceived in collaboration with Jokari. The Portion Control Serving Set is also now in Avon! We even found a few new online shops selling the automotive products we created for John Bull Garage!

Next stop — 1,000!

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Total store count tops 800!!

It’s beeDavison inventionsn less than three months since we announced that Davison products have sold in more than 700 stores. Since then, we have continued to add stores and online retailers at a phenomenal rate — our total store count is now 804! This is due to the many new products we’ve designed and brought to market recently, such as the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan for baking all kinds of sweet and savory treats and the new Swingers by Swing Away line of folding, space-saving kitchen utensils.

We have added several large stores, including Pet Food Direct (selling Hugs products), Carol Wright Gifts (TheraPod, Healthy Steps products), Home Hardware (Canada’s largest home improvement retailer) and True Value, both of which are now selling PegBoard organizational products we created for Crawford.

Davison pet productsWe also added many new niche-oriented stores, including pet retailers for the Hugs products, online medical device retailers for therapy braces and Tru-Ice, and crafting websites for the Fons&Porter/Dritz products, etc.

silicone dessert bar panAnd large retailers already on our store list continue to add our products, such as the ShoeTubes, which is now in Kmart and, of course, the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan, which is now selling in A.C. Moore and on QVC!

On our way to 1,000!

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Party Traveler back in original packaging; still going strong at Avon!

Davison productsParty Traveler

The Party Traveler had a great showing last year on QVC as the Party on the Go. This innovative food travel caddy, which we created for our client, Joy, is back in its original packaging for retail. But the product inside is still the same and is still doing great, said the VP of Licensing. It also continues to gain fans among customers of Avon, almost a year after it hit the popular women’s catalog.

Check out the Party Traveler in its original packaging on its product page, and see where else it is selling!

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Total store count tops 700!!

Davison products

It’s only been a little over a month since we announced that Davison products and packaging solutions have sold in more than 600 stores. In recent weeks, we have continued to add stores and online retailers at a phenomenal rate — our total store count is now at 708!! This is due, in part, to the many new products we’ve gotten to market recently, such as the Shoe Tubes and the Water Infuser, our first product to sell at Crate & Barrel and now several other stores. The Hydro Bone and all the other Hugs Pet Products are now selling at Buddy Pet Products!

Many of the added stores are new, specialized niche market online sites, but newer and older Davison products, alike, continue to be picked up — retailers know good design when they see it! Products that have recently been added to many stores include the Swiss Army Whistle Knife, Twister Bolts/Caps, Hot/Cold Wrist Therapy Brace, RV Leveler, Tru Ice, Dog Wash, Petite Press, and the ever-popular Meatball Baker, which was added to the Shopping Channel website, where it sold out! The Meatball Baker also has been picked up by another big name retailer — the Better Homes & Gardens store!

And the store list just keeps on growing … on our way to 1,000!

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Compact Kitchen Shopping Organizer a Hit on QVC!

We received two nice surprises from XHP on Monday: 1) The Compact Kitchen Shopping Organizer has aired on QVC!

2) It was a sell-out!

“It did well,” said Davison’s Licensing VP, who got the good news from XHP’s president (apparently, Davison has provided so many great products to the company, it can be difficult keeping track of where all of them are in the marketplace!)

“I was definitely surprised,” said the VP, who knew the product had been shown to the network, but was not aware it had been picked up.

The item, which keeps three lists handy at one time for multiple store lists, “to-do” lists, or for keeping track of projects, was featured recently in the popular “In the Kitchen” with David segment. All units of the limited quantity ordered by QVC were sold. The network likely will air the product again, since it sold out, Dan said.

We originally created the product for a client 14 years ago! Just goes to show that we never give up on a project!

Check out the product selling on QVC by clicking here or on the image above, then on the video tab above the product photo. Congratulations to our client, Rita, and all those who worked on this great new product!

The client has not received a net profit on this product.

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Davison products and packaging solutions have now sold in more than 600 stores!

In the past few months many new stores have added Davison-designed products and packaging to their shelves, pushing our total store count to over 600! The new stores include major brick-and-mortar retailers, such as Michaels, the largest arts and crafts retailer in the world! Michaels, which operates over 1,000 arts and crafts stores in 49 U.S. states and in Canada, is now selling the Party Traveler, a versatile food travel caddy that we designed for our inventor client, Joy. Another major new retailer is the upscale Crate & Barrel, which is now selling the Water Infuser that we designed for Jokari to provide a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

We also have added dozens of niche retailers, such as Mary Maxim, the largest mail order merchandiser of exclusive needlework and craft kits in North America, which is now selling the Petite Press that we did for Prym. Numerous pet product retailers also have picked up many innovative items we developed for clients and Hugs Pet Products, greatly adding to our store total. And the list just keeps on growing!

Check out all the great new stores on our product pages!

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First product designed for NPK on its way to Home Hardware!

new Davison product

The first product we have created for New Product Kingdom is on its way to the store shelves! The Air Rack that we designed for the company is being shipped to a distributor in Canada, which will send the 300-piece test order to stores in the Home Hardware chain – Canada’s largest independent home improvement retailer!

Davison product in stores“It works well, it looks good and hopefully it will sell a ton,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing. “This is the first NPK product, and there will be many more to come.”

The heavy-duty inflatable product, which includes a pump, can be quickly and securely attached to the roof of a vehicle, providing an instant and lightweight rack to hold oversize loads. When not needed, the rack can be compactly stored in the trunk.

The product design, graphic design, packaging and photography were all created in house.  The Air Rack concept came out of a brainstorming meeting with the corporation last summer. Three related projects are also in the works: kayak / canoe rack, cargo rack, and storage pad – which will make four items in the line. The small packaging required for inflatable items takes up much less space on the store shelf, which has many benefits for the retailer and corporation, as well as the consumer, said Davison’s corporate design manager. “You just can’t beat the packaging space.”

Congratulations to all who worked on this great new product! We can’t wait to see the rest of the line!

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