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Prototypes: Modeling your Creativity

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to bring to fruition? Although there are many steps in the inventing process, there is one step in particular that brings your idea from just an idea to an actual product sample. That step is a building a prototype. In case you are unclear of what …

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What Guarantees About My Invention Can Davison Make Me?

Davison is a product development company with designs that have sold in over a 1,000 retail and online stores. Working with Davison gives inventors professional quality services, because of Davison’s more than twenty years of experience designing, engineering, building and testing new inventions. However, even with a great track record of success in transforming ideas …

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Tired of Driving? Just Google It

You’ve relied on Google for years. You need to send your friend directions to your party. Google Maps and Gmail. You need to know the full cast of the Nick Nolte vehicle “Blue Chips.” Google search. You need someone to drive your car while you eat leftover P.F. Chang’s. Google drive? Yes. Google, who has …

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Does Davison Buy My Idea?

So you have a product idea and want to turn it into a real product selling on store shelves. But having the idea and turning it into something real are the beginning and end of a very long road. There are many steps along the way; such as product and patent searches, prototype building, and …

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Pugz™ Soft Suedes and Fall Fleeces Cloak Petco in Eye-catching Endcaps

The 2012 Fall Pugz ™ line is now in stores! But even more exciting than having Pugz boots in one Petco and Pugz leg warmers in another Petco across town, the entire fall line is prominently displayed on endcaps. Showcasing leashes, beds, coats, leg warmers, harnesses, boots — all featuring Pugz’s signature faux suede and …

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The Better Tether Featured on Lifetime’s ‘The Balancing Act’ Friday Morning (8/17/12)

George Davison (Founder & CEO of Davison) and the inventor of the Better Tether Ed Yoder (as part of his Dare to Invent episode) will be featured on the next episode of Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman. Mr. D and host Kristy …

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Deluxe Dog Butler to Blaze Trails at Fall Trade Shows

This fall brings exciting opportunities for many Davison-designed Hugs Pet Products items!  The Hydro Bone, Silicone Dog Treat Pan, Auto Dish and Pugz Shoes for Dogs were featured on last Monday’s Inventionland segment on the CBS “Early Show.” Now, Hugs Pet Products’ entire current line, along with some awesome new items, are hitting the trade …

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Another Davison Client Product Bound for CVS!

Another D-lightful product that we created for a client and that was licensed by Health Enterprises soon will be headed to CVS! Health Enterprises recently got the “green light from CVS” on the 6-in-1 Manicure Multitool, which will be sold under the “Portables, by Essence of Beauty” brand name. “Congratulations to our client, Cathalene,” said …

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Slinkity, Silly Ideas That Totally Rock!

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, makes a slinkity sound – and has made millions of dollars since it was invented in 1945?  The slinky, and other must-have toys and gadgets may be inexpensive to purchase, but continue to make their creators millions!  Today, we delve into our childhoods to explore the stories of 5 …

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National Telephone Day — Evolution of the Phone

While most of us are familiar with recent developments in the telephone industry, and may even carry the latest iPhone, Droid or Blackberry models, it is likely that few may know where these gadgets got their roots and just how far they’ve come through the years. Over a century ago, in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell …

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