Modern Dog, TODAY Show “Beg” for Davison-designed Pet Products

If you’ve tuned in to NBC’s TODAY Show or flipped open the latest issue of Modern Dog magazine lately, you may have recognized some popular Davison-designed pet products!

Recently, the Silicone Dog Treat Pan and Pugz shoes have shared some major media attention.

For our four-legged, tail-wagging, homemade-treat-loving friends, it’s a dog-eat-treat world and Modern Dog (MD) magazine confirmed it when they featured the Davison-designed Silicone Dog Treat Pan in their spring issue.

The pan, which was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, appeared in MD’s “Stuff Your Dog Wants” feature that also included other canine must-haves like chewable elk antlers and a hemp Eco Rattler.

“… whether you’re baking dog biscuits or making pupsicles, its got you covered… now who wants a treat?” the magazine asks.

For our four-legged friends who would like a little bounce in their step, Pugz shoes are “what they want” and the TODAY Show’s Dylan Dreyer proved it when she packed up her pup and tried on a pair at the Orlando Global Pet Expo last month.


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“All of our furry and feathery friends have something to keep their heads, shoulders, knees and toes warm, cool and dry,” said Dryer, after she tried Pugz on her own pup.

We can’t wait to see where these pet friendly products pop up next!

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Tails are Wagging for Hugs Pet Products!

hydro bone hugs pet products davison

Hydro toys quench Hotlanta’s thirst for innovative pet toys

Davison’s Hydro toys were featured on Atlanta’s CBS “Better Mornings,” hosted by Jennifer Valdez. Jennifer welcomed international pet expert Charlotte Reed – a corporate lawyer who has grown her pet company from a one-woman operation to a premier, full-service pet care provider – to talk about some must-have dog toys to beat the summer heat.

Reed showcases the Hydro Ring and displays how the Hydro line refreshes parched pups by giving it a squeeze to release the water stored in its absorbent core.


hydro toys davison

Rex and the City

The rest of the Hydro line was also featured on The Times Square Chronicles – a blog that brings a sense of community to Times Square’s three zip codes and beyond. Their article “Five Summer’s Must-Have Pet Products” notes they’re “the perfect way to quench your dog’s thirst as he plays. Serve frozen for fun on the hottest of days.”

The Hydro line is a set of hydrating chew toys that keep canines cool and content, even in hot weather. The water-holding toy combines refreshment with fun and quenches your dog’s thirst while playing. When soaked, the molded rubber bone’s foam core absorbs water, which is then released through specially designed holes as the toy is squeezed.


Finding the Pet Lover of Your  DreamsFind the Pet Lover of Your Dreams

Hugs Pet Products will be sponsoring an event next Wednesday, August 1st in the Big Apple!  It’s a dating seminar to find your perfect mate, but there’s a twist – it’s for people that have pets!

Here’s how the website describes it: “In life, there are dating deal-breakers. Some include pets. Whether you are a city dweller or a suburbanite, finding a romantic interest is no easy feat, especially if you have a pet. ‘Finding the Pet Lover of Your Dreams,’ taught by MARRIED Petrendologist Charlotte Reed, is a class designed to help single pet owners discover how to meet their match, whether that person has a pet or not.”

Each single attendee will receive a gift basket, which will include the Davison-designed/Hugs Pet Products’ Hydro Bone!

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“Dare to Invent” Refreshes Your Pet!

Springtime sunshine has just begun to prepare us for the dehydration dangers that hot, summer sun can pose to our pets.  However, have no fear, a new “Dare to Invent” webisode is here with a refreshing solution!

Tonight’s webisode is the tenth in our 13-episode series and features Diane DiRaimo, inventor of the Hydro Bone, her adorable Japanese Chin puppy, Alexander James, and our lovable cast of Creationeers!  You can absorb the latest “Dare to Invent” webisode NOW on YouTube and

Diane loved taking Alexander James for rides in the car, but she had a hard time keeping him hydrated and happy on long trips.  She knew putting a water bowl in the car or feeding him out of a water bottle was out of the question… but, she thought, surely there must be a better way to provide Alexander with on-the-spot refreshment!

Diane brought her idea for a hydrating, new pet product to Davison, where fellow animal lover, Curtis, and his creative team, got to work on helping Diane’s idea soak up success, creating an absorbent chew toy with a foam core.

This week’s webisode also brings back Clay and his eccentric product-testing ways, but it all pays off in the end!  Diane’s Hydro Bone was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, has sold in Sam’s Club, Bed Bath & Beyond and many other retailers, was featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” was a 2010 Dog Fancy Editors’ Choice Winner and has now spawned an entire line of hydrating chew toys!

Tune in NOW for all the thirst-quenching fun as Diane “Dares to Invent!”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Davison Designs Get International Hugs!

We’ve recently received more exciting news about some Davison-designed pet products that are crossing borders and taking a bite out of the pet toy industry!

Davison InventionsAccording to our Vice President of Business Development and Licensing, there is a big shipment of eco-friendly Grass Twine Bird Houses and Bird Feeders headed to Costco Canada.

“Four containers of products are headed north to Canada, eh!  Both are client products and, if they are well received, Costco Canada will order three to five more containers and look at bringing this into the U.S. market,” said our VP.

Made with 100% organic reed grass, the Grass Twine Bird House and Bird Feeder provide birds with natural protection from predators by blending in with surrounding areas.  Their rough exterior and three openings also make it easier for birds to enter and exit.

Hugs Pet ProductsDavison Inventions

The Grass Twine Bird House and Bird Feeder aren’t the only client products that were licensed by Hugs Pet Products and are now going international… we’ve also received word that Hugs’ Cool Cottage and Cool Cot are shipping to Australia!

“Hugs is getting ready to ship its first order to Australia,” said our VP, who also passed along some awesome pictures of the products as they were preparing to ship! 

Pet InventionsPet Products

Adding even more innovation to their pet product lines, Hugs is also working with Davison to create a new chew toy option for pets.  According to our VP,  the scrumptious new “JAWS” line already has national retailers paying attention.

“JAWS is going to be the next big craze in pet toys.  This project was designed by [our] team and is quickly turning heads at Petco and Bed Bath & Beyond.  We will be back in front of Petco in May to confirm they are moving forward with the JAWS line and 15-20 clothing items for a fourth quarter launch this year!” said our VP.

We’ve included a few “sneak peek” photos of the JAWS moulds straight from the factory:

Pet ProductsDavison Inventions

As he so often does, our VP left us with another tid-bit of enticing product news that we will share as soon as he gives us more details.

“Oh, yeah, did I mention what Hugs is doing with Target?” said our VP.  “Stay tuned!”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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“Dare to Invent” is Back and Better to Tether?!

Pet Inventions

It’s time again to release another exciting “Dare to Invent” webisode!  The fourth in our 13-episode “Dare to Invent” series is set to air on YouTube and at, tonight at 7:00 p.m.

This week, we’re showcasing our client, Ed, in his pursuit for a more convenient and humane way to tether his dog outdoors!

You see, Ed got tired of his precious pup’s chain knocking over the food and water bowl while the pet was tethered in the yard… not to mention, the dish and the chain were often in the way of the lawnmower!

George DavisonSo, taking matters into his own hands, Ed brought his idea for a “better” tethering device to Davison.

In tonight’s “Dare to Invent” webisode, our Creative Coach, Jason, and his creative team quickly get to work, designing a tethered dish that will sit under a lawnmower’s reach.

After a few failed licensing attempts, major modifications and some intense testing, thanks to Clay, you can watch as Ed’s Better Tether goes into production!

See the hilarious details as the Davison Inventing Method is used to invent Ed’s “Better Tether” tonight at 7:00 p.m.!

For now, we’ve got a sneak peak of some images from the innovative “Dare to Invent” webisode:

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Walmart Says, “This is… American Idol (For Products)!”

Walmart Contest

With reality TV shows like “The Voice,” “American Idol” and “The X Factor” captivating audiences nationwide, Walmart is making a play for a bit of the spotlight, with their own “Idol-style” contest called “Get on the Shelf.”

Innovative Pet ProductThe “Get on the Shelf” competition, which launched in late January, gives small and large companies the opportunity to submit product ideas and supporting videos to the mega-retailer, in hopes of landing their products on Walmart’s store shelves.

Hugs Pet Products, an innovative pet product company that licenses many Davison-designed products, has entered several of those designs in the competition, including:

  • Pugz Shoes
  • Hydro Ball
  • Hydro Bone
  • Hydro Saucer
  • Better Tether
  • Dog Wash
  • Auto Dish
  • Cool Cot
  • Cool Cottage

Since the start of the submission period, the “Get on the Shelf” contest has created quite a bit of buzz in the press.  USA Today reported on the competition and even showcased some early entries, including the Davison-designed Pugz Shoes for Dogs that our client, Kay, invented!

According to USA Today, “Some of the offbeat products competing include Pugz Shoes — boots for puppies that keep your pooch’s paws warm.”

Pet Innovations

Starting today, consumers have the opportunity to visit to browse all submitted entries and vote for their favorites.  According to an Advertising Age article, top vote-getters will be featured at Walmart online and may sell in select stores.

“The top three vote-getters will be sold on Walmart .com, and a grand prize winner will be featured on the home page for its 50 million monthly unique visitors and in select Walmart stores,” the article stated.

New Product Contest“Get on the Shelf” voting runs in two rounds:  Round 1 is March 7 to April 3, 2012 and Round 2 is April 11 to April 24, 2012.

Let’s show Walmart how powerful the Davison community can be!  Alert your friends, family, coworkers and everyone else you know to vote for all entered Davison designs!  To vote, simply visit!

A typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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CNBC Gives Davison-Designed Shoes a Big Hug!

What have puppy style, keep pets paws warm in harsh weather conditions, were designed for one of our clients and have received awesome amounts of press since their 2010 market debut?  Well, if you guessed anything other than Pugz Shoes for Dogs, we suggest you go back and read some old blog articles to catch up on these hot items!

We’re happy to announce that the adorable Davison-designed doggie boots are back in the press!  This time, Pugz were featured on none other than CNBC, as part of their Small Business section!

Davison Inventors

The article, titled “Cutting Edge Products for your Pet” showcased the faux-fur and faux-leather boots alongside several other innovative pet products, like a zebra-printed doggie pillow, canine cupcakes and a stylish puppy quilted puffer coat!

Including a photo of the booties, a link to the Hugs Pet Products website and a short write-up on Pugz, the CNBC article deems the shoes “one of Hug’s best-selling products” and a big hit over the 2011 holiday season.

Pet InventionsCNBC writers even talked with Hugs’ spokeswoman Kristie Vossler, who gave a little advice for first-time Pugz wearers!

“The first time a dog wears them, they’re not used to them, so they walk funny,” Vossler said. “People are very, very into seeing their dogs in Pugz.”

And, we are very, very into seeing Davison designs making the news!  See the CNBC article for yourself here!

In conjunction with Hugs Pet Products, who licensed Pugz, our newly-released Dare to Invent webisode series and our social media campaigns, we’re giving away a free pair of Pugz on Facebook!  After you watch the latest episode, head on over to our Facebook page for details on how to win a pair for your four-legged friend!

A typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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Davison-Designed Shoes Walking All Over the Nation!

Dog Inventions

We’ve recently received “paws-itively” great news about some innovative Davison-designed booties!  Pugz Shoes for Dogs have been marching their way on and off of store shelves, into the homes of happy, happy customers!

In fact, Bed Bath & Beyond, who added the adorable faux leather and faux wool boots to their line-up this fall, can’t keep enough pairs on the shelves; so, they’ve placed orders for additional supplies!

And, thanks to members of our Licensing and Sales teams, we’ve got some awesome proof at a couple stores across the nation, too!

Davison ProductsWhile at a trade show this fall, our Vice President of Licensing sent us a few pictures from a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Chicago!  Look at that awesome end-shelf placement!  From the looks of the display, several customers already have had their paws on the puppy shoes, which we designed for our client, Kay!

A Pet InventionsManaging Senior Director of New Products found some Pugz at a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Pittsburgh.  If they’re in Chicago and Pittsburgh, they may be right in your backyard; so, if you’ve got a puppy who’s made Santa’s “Nice” list this year, pick some up!

Even greater news for these comfy kicks, Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t the only retailer “begging” for the booties!  Petco representatives have expressed interest in increasing their orders, too!

Plus, Pugz recently were featured as the ”Big Steal” on!  The site featured the regularly-priced $29.99 shoes at a whopping 40% off for the day!

Davison Pet Inventions 

It is so exciting to see the big moves these little shoes are making!  Congrats to everyone who’s worked on Pugz and special thanks to our Davison team members who spotted the Davison “D” while they were out and about!

Look for more updates on Pugz and other Davison designs in the coming weeks!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Licensing Team Kicks Off Fall Travel with “Doggone” Good News!

davison inventions

The first full week of fall is wrapping up and with it, the first two trade shows of our Licensing Department’s fall travel season!

Our VP of Licensing was on the road with the Hugs Pet Products president, showcasing the latest innovative pet items at “The Pet Industry’s Hot Spot,” SuperZoo 2011, held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from September 13-15.

hugs pet productsAt SuperZoo, they introduced several new items, like the Grass Twine Bird House, Deluxe Dog Butler and Hugs Care Line. Pugz Tennis Shoes, a new design of the product invented by our client Kay, were also introduced. The client has not made a net profit on this product.

According to our VP of Licensing, the new Davison-designed pet items were well-received at the conference.

“The show was amazing as it allowed Davison to stand with Hugs in their booth and answer questions from buyers, retailers and inventors.  It really adds strong credibility to what we do on a daily basis,” he said.

Also, at SuperZoo, a national show that provides networking and educational opportunities for pet retailers and suppliers, the duo was able to talk with representatives from PetPR, a pet product news distribution resource.

pet inventions“Pet PR did an interview with [Hugs] and really enjoyed learning more about the Hugs line of products.  Afterwards, we had a good conversation about the product line and everyone stopped for a quick photo [opportunity],” our VP of Licensing said.

Earlier this week, our VP of Licensing made a stop in Louisville, Kentucky, for the ABC Kids Expo 2011 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

From the looks of the trade show schedule, which you can easily find on our website, the Licensing Department’s next stop is back to Las Vegas for AAPEX 2011, the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo!

We can’t wait to hear the latest news from the road as Licensing “Tries Longer” to bring our products to store shelves!  Stay tuned!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.  The Grass Twine Bird House, Deluxe Dog Butler and Hugs Care Line corporate products invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

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