Davison-designed Cat Toys Curl Up to Petco Shelves!

Today, we’re heating things up and taking you back to the long, sunny days of summer when we first introduced a few Davison-designed cat toys.

At the time, Hugs Pet Products, who licensed the innovative line that promises to keep cats occupied for hours, was preparing to showcase the toys at one of the pet product industry’s biggest trade shows, SuperZoo in Las Vegas.

Well, since that time the weather has turned colder, but some pretty purr-fect things have been happening for the toys, which are proving to be hot – hot – HOT!

“Look what hit Petco stores…” said Davison Vice President of Business Development and Licensing, when he shared a photo of the line on store shelves earlier this month.

That’s right, several toys in Hugs’ innovative cat line have landed (on all four-feet, of course) on the shelves at the leading pet specialty retailer. Of course, we’re “feline” pretty good about the placement!

“Hugs and Inventionland are excited to finally see the new innovative cat items starting to hit PETCO stores. The six new items look great on the store shelf and we look forward to the continued success with Petco in this category,” said Simbeck.

Check out the Wobble Ball, Mouse Trap, Teeter Rocker, Wibble Wobble, Whack-A-Mouse and Purr-Fect Ball on Petco shelves.


Check back for more updates on these much meowed-for pet products!

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The Better Tether Featured on Lifetime’s ‘The Balancing Act’ Friday Morning (8/17/12)

George Davison (Founder & CEO of Davison) and the inventor of the Better Tether Ed Yoder (as part of his Dare to Invent episode) will be featured on the next episode of Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show dedicated to creating trusted solutions for today’s woman.

Mr. D and host Kristy Villa (Friday, August 17, 2012 at 7:00 a.m.) will talk about the Davison Inventing method and the Better Tether before and after the airing of george davison ed yoder inventor of better tetherEd’s episode of “Dare to Invent” – the webisode series that explores what can happen when everyday people work with Davison to make their invention ideas a reality.

Ed desired a more convenient and humane way to tether his dog outdoors! He got tired of his precious pup’s chain knocking over the food and water bowl while the pet was tethered in the yard… not to mention, the dish and the chain were often in the way of the lawnmower! Ed brought his idea for a “better” tethering device to Davison.

Unlike traditional tethers that wrap around trees or unwieldy stakes, Ed’s tether is secured to the ground, eliminating an obstacle to pets, humans and machines. The divided food and water bowl can never be tipped over and the entire unit sits lower than the blades of a lawnmower and never has to be moved. hugs pet products better tetherA leash can be attached directly to the strong steel post, and the vivid orange color makes the bowl highly visible.

Congratulations to Mr. Davison, Ed and the Davison Creationeers for getting the chance to showcase the Dare to Invent – Better Tether episode to a national audience!

More Dare to Invent episodes and Mr. Davison will be featured on “The Balancing Act” throughout 2012. We will keep you updated on dates and times as they become available.

Lifetime Network’s “The Balancing Act” treats viewers to the most current and hot topics, while featuring some of the hottest celebs from the sports and entertainment industry.


PLUS – You Could Win a Better Tether for your pooch on the Davison Facebook page!*

We will be giving away one Better Tether — a better and more humane method of tethering a dog outdoors — to celebrate the airing of the “Balancing Act” episode, featuring George Davison talking about the development of this versatile product.

The giveaway will be held from Friday, Aug. 17 to Friday, Aug. 24. Contestants will be entered to win a Better Tether when they “Like” the Davison Facebook page and complete the information on the entry form/giveaway page.


*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Davison’s research, development and presentation services are provided for an upfront fee paid by the client and a contingent fee (which is a percentage of royalties obtained by the client, if any). New product development is an uncertain endeavor and the use of Davison’s services typically does not result in a license agreement, sales on any market or profit to the inventor. Davison does not perform analysis of the feasibility, marketability, patentability or profitability of ideas submitted to it.

Sponsor: Davison

Term: The Davison BETTER TETHER Giveaway begins on August 17, 2012 at 12:00 noon EST and ends on August  24, 2012 at 12:00 noon EST.

To Enter: No purchase necessary to enter or win the Sweepstakes. A purchase will not improve your chance of winning. Register to win by liking the Davison Facebook Page and completing the information on the giveaway page. The employees of Davison and members of their respective immediate families are not eligible to enter this giveaway. By entering this giveaway, you are also opting-in to receive informational and promotional emails from Davison.

Prizes: Sponsor will giveaway one(1) better tether, valued at $25. No more than one prize will be awarded.

Winner Selection: Potential winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received by August  24, 2012 noon EST. Odds of winning are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.

lifetime balancing act logo

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Kay Dared to Invent – Dare to Watch!

Mr. Davison, our Inventionland creationeers and one of our clients are back at it in tonight’s “Dare to Invent” webisode!  This week’s episode features Michigan inventor, Kay, and her Pugz Shoes! 

For our client, Kay, and her two Shelties, Autumn Angel and Rough Spot, taking a December trot in the snow, with her neighbor, Janice, and her golden retriever, was nothing close to walking in a winter wonderland.  Instead, their faithful friends would wind up with either cold, wet snowy paws or even salt-soaked paws, from treated roads and sidewalks.

“I needed something that would stay on and protect their paws… [Something to] keep their paws from getting dry and cracked,” Kay said.

For Kay, the logical solution was boots for her pups.  Follow along  as Kay and her Pugz Shoes take the journey though project inception, development, licensing and beyond! 

“I would advise [future inventors] to stay positive and do some research… Don’t get discouraged, it can happen,” said Kay.  “I’m a firm believer… nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Tonight’s episode is live right now!  Tune in on YouTube or through a link at

After you watch, head on over to our Facebook page for details on how to win a pair of Pugz for your four-legged friend!

The Pugz Dare to Invent webisode is the second in our interactive 12-video series, which debuted February 9th and portrays Davison clients and their inventions.  Tune in March 8th for the third interactive Dare to Invent webisode! 

A typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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Chew on This: Tasty Treats for Fido!

Stretching our paws in the doggie door with the Silicone Dog Treat Pan, we’re happy to report that that you may be seeing some Davison-designed edible doggie supplies on store shelves soon!

That’s right, now pet owners can fill up their bone-shaped treat pan with Doggie D’Lites cake and frosting mixes.

pet inventions

These D-licious dog treat mixes come in three varieties:  Carob (similar to chocolate, but safe for dogs!), Peanut Butter and Banana!

According to our Vice President of Licensing, they’re a first for both Davison and for Hugs Pet Products.

“We are entering the consumable market with Hugs,” said our VP.

While we can’t say we’d love to sample the cakes (though, they do look tasty), we’d love to share them with our four-legged friends!

Congratulations to the entire team that has worked on Doggie D’Lites!  Stay tuned for more news on this and other exciting upcoming Davison-designed products!

This was a corporate product designed for Davison’s own profit.

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Pugz Shoes Inventor Walks All Over Inventionland!

A couple months ago, we gave you part one of how our client, Kay, came up with the idea for her adorably-designed Pugz Shoes for Dogs – to protect her two Shelties, Rough Spot and Autumn Angel, from cold weather and salt-soaked paws. (If you missed the article, check it out here!)

Since that time, Kay’s doggie shoes have been licensed by Hugs Pet Products and they’re currently selling in major retailer Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now, the inventor, and grandma, has taken a new step in her invention process.  A few weeks ago, Kay and her granddaughter, Breanna, visited the place where it all got started – Inventionland.  While they were at the world’s most creative workplace, they were also greeted with some more good news – delivered by a furry four-legged friend!

“A little doggie had it for me… and it was wearing my product,” said Kay.

That little doggie had a royalty check for Kay; she said she almost couldn’t believe what was happening.

“[It was] a huge surprise that I was not expecting at all,” said Kay.

Kay and Breanna also spent some time with Mr. Davison, who Kay said obviously shared in her excitement.

“I think [Mr. Davison] gets as excited as the client,” she said.

In fact, Kay felt so at home in Inventionland, she said she felt like she had a new, extended family.

“I have a very wonderful feeling about everyone.  It was a very comfortable experience.  Anyone who gets to do this is fortunate,” said Kay.

And, for others who may be considering pursuing their own ideas, Kay said a positive attitude is key.

“I would advise [future inventors] to stay positive and do some research… Don’t get discouraged, it can happen,” said Kay.  “I’m a firm believer… nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Doggy Doctor, Give Us the News…

pet inventions

The prognosis is looking good for Hugs Pet Products as the innovative pet product company prepares to introduce another awesome Davison-designed product!

The newest item in their Hugs Care line, The Doggy Doctor Pet First Aid Kit is a compact, carrying case filled with all the essentials to keep your pet healthy and happy – in any emergency, accident or in everyday life!

Take a look at all the items the must-have survival kit includes:

new pet products1 Collapsible Water/Food Bowl
3 Potty Paws
1 Bottle
1 Instant Cold Compress
2×2 Sterile Gauze Dressing Pads
4×4 Sterile Gauze Dressing Pads
4 Sting-Relief Prep Pads
4 Antiseptic Providone-Iodine Prep Pads
pet products4 Hand Sanitizer/Antiseptic Cleaning Wipes
4 Alcohol Cleansing Pads
1 Self-Adhesive Wrap
1 Emergency Survival Blanket
1 Gauze Roll
1 Pair Latex-Free Gloves
8 Cotton Swabs
1 Syringe
1 Roll Medical Tape
1 Leash
1 Tweezers/Magnifying Glass
1 Scissors

All of those items look like the recipe for success!  And, we’re eagerly awaiting the latest word from the road…  Our Licensing team has been hard at work presenting the Doggy Doctor to retailers like Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond and at industry trade shows.

You’ll be the first to know when we find out where you might be able to pick up this “home-veterinarian’s” best friend!

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

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New Davison Designs Answer “D-mand” for Eco-Friendly Pet Care!

Davison products

Hugs Pet Products, a pet company we frequently design products and packaging for, is introducing a new line of innovative items to enhance the lives of pets and the owners who love them!

What’s even more exciting about Hugs Pet Products’ new “Hugs Care” line is that the products are also showing some extra love to the environment!  The eco-friendly line is made of all-natural, reliable, must-have products that will make pets feel better, without making Mother Nature feel the effects!

We are even more excited to announce that we’ve had a hand in “D-veloping” the packaging for these awesome new products, which are to be out this fall!  The Hugs Care line includes:

pet inventionsFlea and Tick Multi-tool:  With this tool, nothing will be bugging your four-legged friends!  The multi-tool includes two stainless steel pin combs, a brush and tweezers.  It’s ideal for removing pesky ticks from any pet – short or long-haired!

Davison inventionsEar Wax Removal Syringe:  Straight from an office visit with the vet, this syringe provides a safe alternative to rubber bulb syringes.  With its flared design, tri-stream tip and exit portals, ear wax doesn’t stand a chance of disturbing your pet!

Davison designEye Mist for Pets:  There won’t be a dry eye in the house, thanks to Hugs’ new Pet Eye Mist!  The 100% natural product is designed to safely relieve eye discomfort and instantly rehydrate tear film.

hugs pet productsNatural Antiseptic for Pets:  Whether your pet is big or small, even the tiniest scrapes can hurt.  With this all-natural tea tree oil antiseptic, minor burns, cuts, scrapes, insect bites and stings just fade away!

davison product designPet Cold Pack:  Sometimes, a little TLC involves a little tender, loving chill!  This instant and reusable cold pack helps soothe pets suffering from any swelling.  Plus, it remains flexible, even when frozen, so it’s convenient and easy to store!

pet productsPet Pill Pack:  Even the busiest owners can keep their pet’s pills organized thanks to Hugs’ Pet Pill Pack!  The seven-day pet pill box includes individual compartments that can hold several pills and is conveniently labeled with the days of the week in both print and braille.

We can hardly wait to see Hugs’ new eco-friendly care line launch to success and we’ll keep you updated as they introduce more innovative Davison-designed products and packaging!

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

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Bow WOW! Two Davison-Designed Pet Products Win Retailers’ Top Pick Awards!

Two Davison-designed products that were created for clients and brought to market by Hugs Pet Products are Pet Product News International (PPNI) Retailers’ Top Pick Award winners! The Silicone Dog Treat Pan was the top vote-getter in the Gift Products category and the Better Tether was the third-highest vote-getter in the Home: Indoor & Outdoor Products category.Dog Treat Pan invention

“It’s really great that they won the awards, especially since they’re picked by retailers,” said Davison’s Vice-President of Licensing. “They were up against competition from all the big names in the pet industry and they took first and third place — that’s a pretty good day at the office.”

Photos and write-ups of both products, along with their placements in the contest, are featured in this month’s PPNI issue. The president of Hugs Pet Products said he was blown away when he heard about the awards.

“This is awesome and huge for our company. It shows that all of the hard work we have done to bring new, different and innovative products to the pet market is paying off. We will continue to strive to do this with future products we are currently developing. It is truly an honor to be selected out of great companies and products on the market. We are very excited!” he said.

Better TetherFormerly known as the Low-Pro, Davison designed the Better Tether in collaboration with our client, Ed, to offer a more humane and convenient way to tether a dog outdoors. The innovative tethering device provides a constant source of food and water that cannot be spilled and never has to be moved for the lawnmower!

The Silicone Dog Treat Pan, a spin-off of the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan that Davison designed in collaboration with our client, Joseph, allows pet owners to make dog-bone-shaped treats for their canine companions. It even comes with several paw-lickin’ good recipes!

Undoubtedly, getting these products developed and to market was a team effort. From the client to the corporate design teams, many people had a hand in their success.

“I am happy to hear that these products are winning such acclaim,” said Davison’s Corporate Creative Coach. “I’m proud of the team for sure. I bet the clients will be pumped to hear the news! It’s a nice piece of outside confirmation that these products are as awesome as we all think they are.”

Congratulations to everyone who worked on these awesome, award-winning products!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Meet Kay, Inventor of Pugz Shoes for Dogs

Davison inventorFor our client, Kay, and her two Shelties, Autumn Angel and Rough Spot, taking a December trot in the snow, with her neighbor, Janice, and her golden retriever, was nothing close to walking in a winter wonderland. Instead, their faithful friends would wind up with either cold, wet snowy paws or even salt-soaked paws, from treated roads and sidewalks.

“I needed something that would stay on and protect their paws… [Something to] keep their paws from getting dry and cracked,” Kay said.

For Kay, the logical solution was boots for her pups. After all, they worked for her. So, she searched stores high and low to find the perfect pair, but there was a problem.

“Nothing really stayed on. Their booties would fall off in snow banks,” said Kay.

Kay, Autumn Angel and Rough Spot needed a better solution.

“I looked all over and didn’t see hardly anything out there. Everything I did try, never stayed on,” said Kay.

Although she knew what the problem was, because the “Jill-of-all-trades” typically was busy working, she didn’t have time to pursue a solution right away.

According to Kay, she worked for about ten years in banking, but has also held positions in retail, housekeeping and on the line at General Motors!

“I’ve even done a little pet-sitting. I don’t feel like it’s just a job,” she said.

Perhaps the labor of love  inspired her. Around 2006, she thought of a more-improved boot, one that wouldn’t just slip off. While she kept the idea close to her, she also told her friend, Janice, and some of her family.

“[Janice] was so excited about it!  She agreed there should be something… [and], my grandchildren thought it was cool,” said Kay.

Her son, Kurt, must have thought it was a pretty cool idea, too. He began searching online and that’s when they found Davison. Without seeking any other invention companies, Kay decided to pursue her idea.

“I was hopeful about it. I was looking forward to how it would turn out,” she said.

She was very happy with the stylish, finished product that Davison designed, but the boots really ”kicked” off when she received an unexpected phone call.

“Like [Davison’s Licensing Department] motto, ‘We try longer,’ they did! I was quite surprised they were calling. It looked like the ball was rolling on my idea,” Kay said.

pet inventionsThose boots were made for walking  and that’s just what they did! Hugs Pet Products licensed and now sells Kay’s idea as Pugz, faux leather and faux wool shoes that provide pets with comfort and keep paws dry in any weather conditions.

Kay said she was very happy with the product that resulted from pursuing her idea with Davison, although she seemed a bit reluctant to accept her new title, “inventor.”

“Yes, I guess I do! I’m pretty proud of it!” she said.

Her fearless attitude, anything but reluctant, is a tell-tale sign of that title.

“I figured, just go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” she said.

Congratulations to Kay, Hugs Pet Products and everyone who worked on making this exciting venture such an awesome gain!

Although we can’t speak for Autumn Angel and Rough Spot, we’re sure they give Pugz four paws up!

The client has not realized a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Meet Kathy, Potty Paws Inventor

Living in their Stamford, Conn., apartment, Pittsburgh natives Kathy and her husband often enjoyed taking their pup on long walks at the city park or along the picturesque streets near their home.  To help keep Stamford’s streets clean and beautiful, city officials enforced mandatory pet waste pick-up.

“They offered a small bag with handles to use for this, but I found these to be inadequate,” said Kathy.

Kathy, a busy medical assistant and office manager, needed a more efficient and sanitary way to dispose of her pup’s waste.  It didn’t take Kathy and her husband long to come up with a solution, sealable mitts that ensured easy disposal; but, they didn’t necessarily have the support of their family from the start.

“We came up with this idea about one month later… When I told my family, they didn’t really think I could make this happen,” said Kathy.  “I have had ideas in the past, but never acted on them, because I didn’t have the time or finances to make it happen.”

Proving skeptical family wrong, Kathy’s husband began researching invention companies and they decided to go with a hometown option.

“After contacting Davison and getting their input, we slowly got this idea off the ground. Of course, we didn’t know what to expect,” said Kathy.

Davison designers worked diligently with Kathy and her husband to develop Potty Paws, anti-microbial, paw-shaped mitts that easily slip on, then turn inside out and zip shut for mess-free waste disposal.

Eventually, the mitts were licensed by Hugs Pet Products, an innovative company devoted to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners by delivering cutting edge pet products.

It may not have happened overnight, but Kathy said she always believed in her idea and she had some advice for other inventors who may have doubts.

“I believe there is always room for a new product for the consumer to try.  You do need to be patient and be ready to put in the time and money.  There is no guarantee that your idea will be a great product, so be ready for anything,” said Kathy.

Sadly, Kathy’s husband passed away during their invention process, but she said she knows he would be thrilled with the finished product.

“I have had more communication with the Davison group than my late husband and they have kept me informed every step of the journey and have shown much kindness [over] the loss I have had… Seeing my product for sale is the reality of the dream we both had.  I would certainly do it again,” said Kathy.

Congratulations Kathy, the adorable product has been a “paws-itive” success!

The client has not realized a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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