Green is the New Black

We see it everywhere; people and companies alike are committing themselves to going green and doing better for the environment. So, we wanted this blog to focus on those companies that have been working hard to create packaging designs that are just that, environmentally friendly.

We are going take a look at how some well-known companies are taking the necessary steps forward, all the while lessening their carbon footprint towards a healthier, greener society.

Let’s take Nivea, a very popular soap manufacturer, for example, and see how they have ‘cleaned’ up their act. To start, Nivea’s Milk Bar wasted seven grams of paper per package. That may not seem like a lot but, that translates into 3,950 pounds of waste per shipping truck! So, how did Nivea combat this waste? They came up with a dissolving product packaging design. The packaging design works when a consumer takes the entire box into the shower; and, once the water hits the packaging, it dissolves completely. This change in packaging design is working to reduce the waste that was previously being produced.

There is a “method” to the madness; and, the cleaning product brand, Method, is committed to producing products and packaging designs that are environmentally friendly. The brand continually works to integrate sustainability in their packaging designs. There isn’t a particular product that exhibits green qualities, rather, all of their products are green and their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. Furthermore, Method places a large focus on the aesthetics of their bottles, because they believe that the product actually “lives” in your home. What do they mean by that? They believe that people are very house-proud and do not want to have ugly cleaning bottles around the house. So, while Method is environmentally friendly, their products are also aesthetically pleasing, which seems to be a win-win for consumers.

When you buy a pair of sneakers, they usually come in a big cardboard box that is, more times than not, thrown away within minutes of getting home. In 2010, Puma came out with a packaging design created by Yves Béhar of Fuseproject. At the forefront of this project was the idea to reduce the size of the common shoebox, which led to the invention of a “clever little bag.” This packaging design is made of a cardboard sheet and the bag uses 65% less cardboard than the common shoebox. Additionally, there is no laminated printing or tissue paper; it takes up less space; it weighs less in shipping and replaces the everyday plastic shopping bag. Puma wasn’t done there; in fact, the “clever little bag” was cleverly made, because it is non-woven, which means that less work and waste were put into the manufacturing process, because it is stitched with heat.

Even the iconic Coca-Cola brand followed suit when, in 2009, they introduced their innovative PlantBottle in the United States. To learn more about their innovative packaging design, read our blog, “The Bottled Up History of Coca-Cola.”

Now more than ever, companies are finding ways to lessen their carbon footprint, all the while protecting the environment for generations to come, through their innovative and creative packaging design ideas and products.

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Uncover These Five Creative Packaging Designs

The first thing that you notice about a product is the packaging. After all, that is what makes the initial impression.

Some companies stick with a more traditional route with their packaging; however, there are those companies out there that put just as much time into their packaging as they do into their product.

Let’s take a look at some of the most creative packaging designs that we’ve come across in our research!

Butter! Better! – Step aside butter packets, there’s a new package design in town. Butter! Better! offers a new idea for the packaging of butter by inventing a convenient, single-serve package. Most single serves are used on a daily basis, whether at a coffee shop, during travel or at a picnic to name a few places. Unlike most butter packets, this invention includes a wooden spoon lid that is used to spread the butter without having to carry additional cutlery.

Kirei Towel- It may look like a pencil, but the sole purpose of this towel is to clean! The Kirei Towel’s packaging design is meant to look like a pencil, with the towel acting as the “eraser.”  The idea behind this packaging design is to illustrate the strength of the towel by correlating it to the strength of a pencil eraser.

Fruit Juice- This creative and innovative product package design will never leave you questioning what flavor juice you are about to enjoy. This creative invention came from the mind of Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. The fruit juice packages were designed to have the look and feel of the fruit that they contain.

Nike Shoe Box Stadium- Not only does Nike design insanely creative and innovative merchandise, they upped their game when they invented their Stadium shoe box packaging design. Nike has long been a huge supporter of soccer; so, what better way to show their support than to design the 2007 Cannes Lion-winning Stadium shoe box. There were only a limited amount of these shoe boxes that were designed to look like a stadium with an image of a stadium and an embedded sound chip. When the box was opened you could hear the crowd cheering. Now, that is some creative packaging design!

Coffee Top Caddie- We have all been there before. It’s a few minutes before you have to clock into work and you finally get your cup of coffee. But, you have no time to add your sugar or cream in the coffee shop; so, you grab a handful of sugar packets and creamers and head out the door. Now, you have coffee in one hand and your sugar and cream in the other hand. Good luck trying to open the door to your office. So, that’s why designer Joshua Harris found a better way to carry your morning coffee, with the invention of the “Coffee Top Caddie.” In essence, this package design is a plastic top that fits on top of your to-go coffee cup and allows you to securely carry your sugar packets and creamers in one hand!

Although the age-old saying says that you “can’t judge a book by its cover,” we think that we can be the judge of these products and come to the verdict that these creative and inventive packaging designs are pretty cool!

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‘M’m! M’m! Good!’ Packaging Design

From the traditional can, to the microwaveable cup, to the pouch of soup, Campbell’s continues to set the bar in the world of packaging design.

Let’s take a look at how this brand has transformed its packaging from a traditional can, to a one-cup serving, to a soup pouch, all the while reinventing the rules of the soup game.

Campbell’s was founded in 1869; but, it wasn’t until 1895 that the first can of ready-to-eat soup was introduced to the world. Two years later, in 1897, the first can of condensed soup was introduced to the public.

In this day and age, we can recognize the Campbell’s soup can from a mile away, because of the red and white label. But, it wasn’t until 1898, after an executive at the company attended an annual Cornell vs. Penn football game and became intrigued by the red and white uniforms of Cornell. So, he went back to Campbell’s and convinced them to use these brilliant colors on their soup labels. Did you ever wonder what the significance of the gold medallion is on each label? That gold medallion signifies the award for excellence that Campbell’s won at the Paris Exposition in 1900.

As time went on, the original label was updated again in 1999 for Campbell’s three top-selling soups- Chicken Noodle, Tomato and Cream of Mushroom. The packaging design was updated by moving the signature gold medallion to a more prominent position on the can. Additionally, the red on the colored band was intensified and photos of the soup were added.  Other varieties of condensed soup also received the graphic adjustments as well.

In 1998, Campbell’s created the microwavable cup and in 2002 the convenient on-the-go “Soup at Hand” was introduced to their product packaging repertoire.

In 2012, Campbell’s released their limited-edition Warhol-inspired cans at Target. Andy Warhol, a very famous pop artist, painted his first Campbell’s soup cans in 1962.

Also, in 2012, soup sales began to decrease; so, in order to find a solution to this problem, executives from Campbell’s hit the pavement to find what makes consumers, particularly young people, tick. And, through their travels, they came to the conclusion that cuisines that were once considered to be exotic, like Brazilian, Indian and Thai, were the norm and that younger consumers who dined out more often weren’t as skilled at making ethnic home-cooked meals. The solution was the innovative pouch of soup, otherwise known as “Campbell’s Go Soup” that comes in flavors like Coconut Curry, Golden Lentil and Creamy Red Pepper.

The company needed to revamp their brand after it was losing market share to private label brands and small competitors in 2013. In order to make the brand “cool” again, CEO Denise Morrison spent millions upon millions of dollars reinventing the company’s packaging and marketing, which included their to-go soup cups that were designed for the Keurig coffeemaker.

Although the packaging design continues to change, in order to keep up with the consumer’s needs and demands, Campbell’s has continued to grow their brand and their products to meet those needs. With 2014 underway, consumers will have to wait and see what Campbell’s will come up with next.

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New Hydro Bone packaging making a splash!

Davison products

The ever popular Hydro Bone has a brand new look and, in a word, it’s awesome! The Hydro Bone and Hydro Ball are now packaged in a blister pack that highlights the great features of the freezable water-soaking rubber toys. The corporate team’s goal was to visually communicate the liquid and ice aspects of the product so the consumer would instantly be able to tell what it does, said the corporate design manager. They definitely succeeded.

Davison inventions“It looks great,” he said. “So far it’s getting some pretty good reviews from everyone who’s seen it.”

The design was originally used on the four-pack, which went over big with retailers as well as the Hugs Pet Products, the manufacturer.

“Hugs liked it so much they asked us to put the same packaging style on all the Hugs toys,” said the manager.

The products are being shipped in the new packaging, with the distinctive blue ‘D’ on the back, to everywhere they are sold. The hydrating chew toys are sure to make tails wag wherever they are found.

pet inventions“The new packaging tells a much better story of the hydro line,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing. “Great work to the design team!”

In addition to the product design, the team created the eye-catching graphics and packaging.

Congratulations to the entire team on a job well done!

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Add 6 more “D”s to the store shelf!

Six more candle products in Metro Design’s Bella Grace line have hit the stores, for a total of 13! All the packaging we created for the line is now in stores, said our senior category director, who shared the good news from Metro. “They’re pleased with the results; they got good feedback from the companies.”

The new products are: Ball Candle, LED Tealight Sconce, Oval Meditation Garden, Square Meditation Garden, S-Shaped Sconce, and Scrolled Wall Sconce. Click into these images to get a larger view of the great packaging design!

The products are selling in all eight outlet stores owned by Variety Wholesalers, except for Meditation Gardens, which is currently available in Rose’s. Variety Wholesalers has a total of well over 200 stores throughout the South.

Any leftover samples are being used by Metro to show the products to other retailers – the more the better! In the near future the six new packaging solutions will be added to our product pages.

Once again, kudos go to everyone on the corporate team who created the packaging. Congratulations on a job well done!

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Davison Packaging – Aviva Sun Seats in Holiday Catalog.

It may be cold and blustery outside, but one of the summer’s hottest items can be found for sale in the holiday edition of “Things You Never Knew Existed.” Check out the Aviva Sun Seats, for which we created the graphics and packaging. The new pool product also has been added to … can’t wait until next summer!

Davison Packaging - Aviva Sun Seats

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More products in SkyMall

Sky_MallThe latest issue of Sky Mall once again features two familiar products we developed for our clients, the Dog Wash and the Cool Cot House. Congratulations again to our clients and all who worked on their products!

In addition, two more Aviva products for which we designed the packaging, the Rocket Toss Dart Game and the Tot Totter, have hit SkyMall’s fall online catalog. That’s two more to add to our ever-growing list in the stores… the hits just keep on coming!

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Four new products in Jo-Ann Stores

Davison Bobbin Product InventionThe newest innovations in the sewing/crafting world have just hit the store shelves, and they all have a blue “D” on the package. Four Davison products/packages, including a client project that we developed for a corporation are now in Jo-Ann stores, a leading specialty retailer of crafting and sewing products.

The Better Bobbin, invented by our client, Thomas, provides an innovative and time-saving way to wind bobbins of all sizes without having to unthread a sewing machine – Congratulations, Thomas! The Quick Cut electric scissors provides a more convenient and precise cutting tool. The Travel Folding Stitcher’s Tools combines tape measure, scissors, needle threader, seam ripper, stiletto, and a removable magnifying glass in one. We also created interactive packaging for the Petite Press mini iron.

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit. The client has not made a profit on this product.

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Davison Products sold in Over 400 Stores!

Davison Products

We recently added numerous retail outlets selling Davison products and packaging — our total store count is now over 400 stores worldwide.

In addition to adding stores, we now have more products and packaging in big name retailers, such as Kohl’s (Aviva line of pool products), Jo Ann Stores (Slice Solutions Brownie Pan), Walgreens (Wrist Therapy Brace, Tru-Ice), Sears (RV Leveler, Slice Solutions), Target (Cap Racks, Purse Rack and Door Stor), Sky Mall (Dog Wash, Splash-O-Meter), just to name a few.

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