Green is the New Black

We see it everywhere; people and companies alike are committing themselves to going green and doing better for the environment. So, we wanted this blog to focus on those companies that have been working hard to create packaging designs that are just that, environmentally friendly. We are going take a look at how some well-known …

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Uncover These Five Creative Packaging Designs

The first thing that you notice about a product is the packaging. After all, that is what makes the initial impression. Some companies stick with a more traditional route with their packaging; however, there are those companies out there that put just as much time into their packaging as they do into their product. Let’s …

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‘M’m! M’m! Good!’ Packaging Design

From the traditional can, to the microwaveable cup, to the pouch of soup, Campbell’s continues to set the bar in the world of packaging design. Let’s take a look at how this brand has transformed its packaging from a traditional can, to a one-cup serving, to a soup pouch, all the while reinventing the rules …

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New Hydro Bone packaging making a splash!

The ever popular Hydro Bone has a brand new look and, in a word, it’s awesome! The Hydro Bone and Hydro Ball are now packaged in a blister pack that highlights the great features of the freezable water-soaking rubber toys. The corporate team’s goal was to visually communicate the liquid and ice aspects of the …

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Add 6 more “D”s to the store shelf!

Six more candle products in Metro Design’s Bella Grace line have hit the stores, for a total of 13! All the packaging we created for the line is now in stores, said our senior category director, who shared the good news from Metro. “They’re pleased with the results; they got good feedback from the companies.” The …

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Davison Packaging – Aviva Sun Seats in Holiday Catalog.

It may be cold and blustery outside, but one of the summer’s hottest items can be found for sale in the holiday edition of “Things You Never Knew Existed.” Check out the Aviva Sun Seats, for which we created the graphics and packaging. The new pool product also has been added to … can’t …

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More products in SkyMall

skymallThe latest issue of Sky Mall once again features two familiar products we developed for our clients, the Dog Wash and the Cool Cot House. Congratulations again to our clients and all who worked on their products!

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Four new products in Jo-Ann Stores

joannThe newest innovations in the sewing/crafting world have just hit the store shelves, and they all have a blue “D” on the package.

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Davison Products sold in Over 400 Stores!

over400stores_icon We recently added numerous retail outlets selling Davison products and packaging — our total store count is now over 400 stores worldwide.

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