Three Famous Inventors Who Overcame Failure

“Every glowing path that goes astray… shows you how to find a Better Way!” Leave it to a 1968 classic children’s film to provide just the right amount of inspiration and humor to keep us motivated. Recently, our founder and CEO, Mr. Davison, shared the inspirational tune The Roses of Success from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a movie …

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Let the Creativity Begin: Happy National Inventors Month!

At Davison, we thrive on creativity and the inventive spirit every day. But, the month of May in particular is a time when we can celebrate our love of inventing with the rest of the invention world during National Inventors Month. This month-long celebration of inventions and creativity began in 1998 by the United Inventors …

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Join in on the Fun of National Kid Inventors’ Day

Let it be known that inventors are not always adults. In fact, things such as ear muffs, trampolines, popsicles and water skis are just a few inventions that were created by kids! January 17 is National Kid Inventors’ Day and we wanted to talk about how this day came to be and why encouraging kids …

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A Deeper Look at 3 Chance Inventions

Inventions can sometimes be methodically planned and inventors cover every base and leave no stone unturned in order to bring their ideas to fruition. However, sometimes the most popular and well-known inventions weren’t intentional. In fact, they were invented through a sort of “ah-ha” moment. Back in March of this year, we wrote a blog …

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The History of the Roller Coaster

We have all been there one time or another; you are safely buckled into your seat as you slowly start to climb what seems to be a never ending incline only to drop at fast rate of speed through dips, twists and turns. People all around the world have been enjoying the thrills of roller …

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Cutting the Cord with Smarter TV’s

Big name brands are starting to cut the cord with their new inventions. Companies like Apple, Roku and more recently, Google have all created a piece of hand-held technology that streams online media through Wi-Fi straight to your television screen. Although we used to enjoy our TV a la carte, these new inventions are paving …

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Travel Wednesday: Arizona – Home of the Personal Watercraft

Arizona is home to the Mojave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts. But this dry, sometimes desolate terrain is the birthplace of one of the most jubilant inventions to ever grace a body of water – the personal watercraft. Remember the days of having to share a boating experience with an annoying relative or work colleague? No. …

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Validating – 29 Ways to Stay Creative

We all believe a lot of what we read. Whether it’s in a newspaper or online, there’s something appealing about the published word. The following list of 29 ways to stay creative has been floating around the Internet. And, it is pretty good, but who validates the efficacy of the tips? We do, while adding …

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Defiant Design: The Wright Brothers’ First Flight Flew Above Criticism

At Davison, we encourage people with ideas to pursue their dreams and create … A Better Way. Inventing is no easy task, and there are many hurdles standing in the way of budding creators — oftentimes a naysayer. Overcoming negative reactions to your idea can be difficult. But the Wright brothers didn’t let Thomas Edison …

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Nigeria Gets Kids Off the Couch & Inventing

“You watch too much TV!” We all grew up hearing authority figures and parents scold us for inactivity. Well, Nigeria is doing something about their entertainment-obsessed youths. According to a recent article posted on The Guardian online, “Over 75 percent of Nigerian children now spend most of their time watching movies …” So Lagos – …

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