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59th Annual Pittsburgh CLO Guild Ball Raises $65,850 in “A Night to Remember!”

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Well, now we know what the hype surrounding last month’s 59th Annual Pittsburgh CLO Guild Ball was all about.

You may recall, that our founder and CEO Mr. Davison, his mother and Pittsburgh CLO Guild member, Moira Davison, and his daughter, Morgan Davison, served as a three-generation team of co-chairs to host the magical evening. They welcomed nearly 350 guests to the Westin Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh to celebrate “A Night to Remember.”

Thanks to their efforts and the generous support of those who attended the epic event, the Pittsburgh CLO Guild has just announced that they raised $65,850 from the annual ball!

Those proceeds directly impact the arts in Pittsburgh, going toward the Pittsburgh CLO’s mainstage productions, the CLO Academy of Musical Theater, the CLO Internship Program, the Guild Scholarship Fund, CLO Mini Stars and much more.

You can read more about the 59th Annual Pittsburgh CLO Guild Ball in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette or on See more photos from “A Night to Remember” in Whirl Magazine.

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Davison Trio Co-chairs Pittsburgh CLO Guild’s Memorable Night

Davison News

When Pittsburgh came together in celebration of the arts for the 59th annual CLO Guild Ball on Saturday, June 7th, it was none other than our CEO and founder, George Davison, his mother, Moira, and his daughter, Morgan, who led the epic night!

The three generations of Davison co-chairs hosted the magical evening, “A Night to Remember,” welcoming nearly 350 guests to the Westin Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh.

The musical night included dinner, dancing, raffles and a silent auction, all in support of the Pittsburgh CLO Guild’s community outreach programs, which include performing arts college scholarships, internship programs, youth and senior ticket programs, musical theater training programs for adults and children with disabilities and other community arts programs.

Longtime CLO Guild supporters Judge Robert and the late Violet Gallo also were honored during the evening with the CLOE Award and a video tribute.

Special thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the 59th annual Pittsburgh CLO Guild Ball in support of the arts!

Read more about the exciting evening in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette or on and see more photos from “A Night to Remember” in Whirl Magazine!

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Davison Products Have Sold in 1,200 Stores!

Davison News, Product News

It seems like only yesterday when our founder and CEO, George Davison excitedly smashed a 9-liter bottle of champagne in our creative workspace, Inventionland, in celebration of reaching a monumental company milestone:

Though that was not long ago, we have continued to add retailers at astounding rates. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the number of stores and online retailers that have carried Davison-designed products and packaging solutions has reached 1,200!

According to Davison, Walmart was the invention industry leader’s first store; but, in 25 years, many more retailers have been added to the list of stores that have carried Davison designs.

Davison’s own invention dream launched the company back in 1989. Since then, he has perfected his Better Way to Invent and brought all aspects of the inventing process under one roof, Inventionland, the 61,000 square foot design facility that churns out 2,200 – 2,400 new inventions each year for every day inventors and corporate clients, alike.

As an inventor, Davison said that one of his greatest rewards is seeing Davison-designed products reach store shelves.

“I find it extremely rewarding to bring an idea for a new product to life… then, actually see it in packaging and on the store shelf. There is nothing more exciting,” said Davison.

Today, you can find Davison-designed products and packaging solutions in big-name retailers like Target, Kohl’s and The Home Depot. There are also hundreds of niche retailers that have added that Davison “D” to their store shelves.

See some of the products that have sold in stores and online here.

Mr. Davison offers Sound Advice at CEO Conference

Davison News, George Davison

On September 24, Mr. Davison took to the microphone at the 27th Annual St. Barnabas CEO Leadership Conference in Gibsonia. While at the conference, Mr. D shared the trials and tribulations that he has experienced both in his personal life and in his career.

Aside from these ups and downs, Mr. Davison has found great success within the industry and it showed not only to the people in the room but to people from all over the world that if you have a dream, you can achieve it.

Mr. D told those in attendance his story of growing up in poverty after his parents’ divorce and how he discovered, after many failed business ventures, however big or small they were, that he no longer wanted to sell other people’s products; he wanted to sell his own.

And that is exactly what he did. Mr. Davison took his failures in stride and created a better way to make his dreams come true through hard work and perseverance. That determination paid off when he created Inventionland, America’s largest invention factory and was called a “creative genius” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Before Mr. Davison departed from the stage, he left the more than 200 senior executives at the conference with this piece of advice, “Find what you like to do. Look at it. Study it. What do you see? Is that what you want to do?”

We think that it’s safe to say that through Mr. D’s failures he found a better way to create success.

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Attention USA: Mr. D will be LIVE on the Radio Waves

Davison News, George Davison

On Monday, September 9, at 8:48 a.m. (EST), our founder and CEO, Mr. Davison will be LIVE on Daybreak USA, a nationally broadcast radio show! Mr. D will be talking about our Better Way to Invent, his personal inventing story and several successful Davison-designed products!  Don’t forget to tune in!

Check out the live stream here:

Daybreak USA

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Mr. D Goes on the Hunt for Davison-Designed Products

George Davison, Inventions, Product News

Thanks to our Better Way to Invent, Davison has been able to turn new ideas into products and put them on shelves in stores near you!

Recently, our founder and CEO, Mr. Davison, went on a trip to check out all of the new Davison-designed products that are on the shelves at Toys “R” Us and PetSmart!

Take a look as Mr. Davison sees some new Davison-designed products in stores for the first time.

The Dangle toys, Catnip toys and new laser collars are just a few of the products that are currently being sold at PetSmart!

Here are a few shots of Mr. Davison witnessing just some of those great new products at PetSmart and Toys “R” Us:

It’s safe to say that there is no “Better Way” for Mr. D to spend his day than checking out some of the latest Davison-designed products that just hit the shelves at area retailers!

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Mr. Davison is on the Air Tomorrow!

Davison News, George Davison

Mr. Davison’s interview with KTRS in St. Louis, MO will air tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. ET. You’ll be able to learn more about our Better Way to Invent, our creative design facility, Inventionland, and much more! Listen here!

Copyright Davison 2013

Tune In: Mr. D is on the Radio

Davison News, George Davison

Mr. Davison’s message is traveling through the airwaves again on Monday, July 29! Don’t forget to tune in at 9:20 a.m. as he talks to KTRS’s Smart Living with Victoria in Babu, St. Louis, MO and again at 9:45 a.m. when he speaks to the crew at KMA- AM & FM’s The Dean & Don Radio Show in Omaha, NE. Mr. Davison will be talking about our Better Way to Invent and our creative design facility, Inventionland!

Check out the live stream here:

KTRS-Smart Living with Victoria

KMA- AM & FM- The Dean & Don Radio Show

Copyright Davison 2013

Mr. Davison will be LIVE on the Air

Davison News, George Davison

Tomorrow morning, Mr. Davison will be LIVE on-the-air starting at 9:40 a.m. on WOCM-FM in Ocean City, Maryland! Mr. Davison will be talking about Inventionland, Inventions and everything in between!

Check out the live stream here:

WOCM-FM- Ocean City, Maryland

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Don’t Miss Mr. Davison Tomorrow on the Airwaves

Davison News, George Davison

Yesterday, Mr. Davison was on the air in Sioux Falls. Follow along as his message continues to crisscross the country as he talks about our Better Way to Invent and our creative design facility, Inventionland! Tomorrow, Mr. Davison will make his next stops at WXGM- Norfolk, VA—1420AM at 7:40 a.m. and again at 9:50 a.m. on KCMN- Colorado Springs, CO- 1530AM.

Check out the live streams here:

WXGM- Norfolk, VA- 1420AM

KCMN- Colorado Springs, CO- 1530AM

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