Celebrating Davison Client Jennifer’s Product in The Container Store!

“It’s just another wonderful example of how an idea comes to be!” said founder Mr. George Davison (“Mr. D”), excited to venture to The Container Store following great news for Davison client Jennifer’s Hanger Pocket Accessory Organizer product, which keeps clothes and accessories neatly organized.

“We found out that the product has also been private-labeled by The Container Store!” said Mr. D, noting that Jennifer’s Hanger Pockets have already found success in versions available through other stores.

Upon learning this news, Mr. D took a special trip to The Container Store’s Pittsburgh, PA location, which opened last October, following a private preview party. It was an exciting moment for Mr. D at the store as he prepared to give a special shout to Jennifer on the success of her invention idea.

“Hey, Jennifer! We’re in The Container Store with your invention!” said Mr. D. “Way to go, Jennifer! So proud of you,” he said. Check out Jennifer’s Hanger Pocket Accessory Organizer in The Container Store here:

Congratulations again to Davison client Jennifer on her idea reaching yet another store shelf! Do you have an invention idea? Confidentially submit your idea today.

Copyright Davison, 2017

The typical project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable. The client has not realized a net profit on this product.

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Inventors’ Dreams Come True at The Container Store


“Fail your way forward.” This may be some of the greatest advice Davison founder and CEO Mr. George Davison has for any inventor. This advice is something he has learned and followed himself during his almost thirty years of inventing.

preview-party-inviteFlash back to 1987. “In 1987, I could only dream to be in dialogue with the manufacturer and the retailer all at the same time!” said Mr. Davison, who was determined to do just that – fail his way forward, develop a better way to invent, and establish the right relationships to get products to store shelves.

Fast forward to present day when just last week, Mr. Davison joined our friends from Inventionland and Jokari/US, Inc. at The Container Store’s new Pittsburgh location for an exclusive, invite-only preview party held before the actual grand opening of the store!

“There I was with Jokari and buyers from The Container Store, walking the floor!” said Mr. Davison realizing this unique opportunity that only presents itself after building years of industry relationships.

It’s these industry relationships and insider knowledge that bring value to the services provided by Davison to clients every day so that – just like Mr. Davison – our clients, too, have a better chance at finding success on their inventing journeys.

At The Container Store preview, there was much excitement after seeing client Jennifer’s Hanger Pockets on store shelves in The Container Store’s own private label packaging!



It’s another solid story of success for client Jennifer who, you may recall, earlier this year had her invention packaged under Jokari’s Paula Deen Everyday Collection!


Here’s to great inventors having their dreams come true at The Container Store!

Copyright Davison, 2016

The typical project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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Davison Client Invention Reshapes the Burger

Chef Tony Burger Dog Pan Inventor

When clients come to Davison, they come for inventing expertise and guidance backed by over 25 years of experience in helping everyday idea people hopefully bring their inventions to life.

As is with many new inventions, ideas are usually created as a solution to a common problem.

This continued to be true for one Tampa Bay, Florida mother who invented a unique baking pan that brings two all-American classics – hamburgers and hot dogs – together in a way that not only culminated into a new invention, but brings innovation to cooking and recipes.

This isn’t just any inventor story. This is the story of a Davison inventor who found a better way to combine two cookout favorites into one, in a healthier way.

For Davison client, Ingrid, the ingredients in hot dogs were particularly troubling. Though often a crowd favorite, Ingrid wanted to find a better way to make a healthier hot dog alternative.

After having been to many summer cookouts, Ingrid came up with an idea for a pan that would shape ground meat into the form of a hot dog. The pan would drain the grease during the cooking process and the final product would be a healthier alternative to a hot dog that would still preserve the convenient, easy-to-eat shape.

After being licensed to Love Cooking Company under their Chef Tony Notaro line of healthy cooking bakeware, Ingrid got to see and hold her final product in its packaging, with her idea turned invention all the more real.

Chef Tony Burger Dog Pan Inventor

If this isn’t exciting enough, Ingrid and her story were featured in a recent Tampa Bay Times’ article, which outlines the invention’s pending debut on QVC’s In the Kitchen with David and the hopes that Ingrid has for not only this invention, but also the “book full of inventions” that she’s been saving up for, in order to pursue.

Ingrid’s invention is reshaping the way that we make burgers. Now, the question remains, how can your invention potentially reshape and offer a better way to do something?

Start your quest for the answer and submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit. The client has not realized a net profit.

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“Jean, Jean the Meatball Queen” Visits Davison

It is always great to see a familiar face… especially when that face is one of our clients who just happens to be in our hometown for a visit!

Coming all the way from her home in Minnesota, Jean Rindfuss, the mastermind behind Chicago Metallic’s Meatball Baker, decided to stop in to visit with one of her contacts at the company where her idea for healthier meatballs was made into a QVC-selling success story…. enter Davison! 🙂

Jean and her husband, Don, who was major motivation for the creation of her innovative kitchen product, contacted Davison Vice President of Business Development and Licensing while they were passing through western Pennsylvania.

“[Jean] and her husband [were] traveling to Florida and [were] making a couple stops along the way. They contacted me… and mentioned they were going to pass through Pittsburgh on their way to Virginia Beach… [so, we] went out for dinner and a drink,” said the VP.

They met up at yinzer-favorite Fat Head’s Saloon in Pittsburgh’s South Side. And, this isn’t the first time that the Rindfuss family has visited Davison after utilizing our Better Way to Invent.

Read more about Jean and where her Davison-designed Meatball Baker has led her to.


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Magazine Ranks Hydro Bone as Anything But “Real Simple”

If you know us very well, you know we’re all about finding innovative solutions to everyday problems. Now, a Davison-designed product is receiving recognition for doing just that.

Real Simple Magazine, whose motto is “life made easier, every day,” recently included the Davison-designed Hydro Bone on their “40 Most-Pinned Problem Solving Products” list.

Of the hydrating chew toy, the magazine said, “If you’re hitting the park with Fido, be sure to pack the proper warm-weather essentials. Simply soak this rubber bone in water and toss it to your four-legged friend, so he’ll stay well–hydrated all day long.”

Licensed and sold by Hugs Pet Products, the Hydro Bone was born in the mind of our client, Diane, who first got the idea for the refreshing toy when she was looking for a way to keep her Japanese Chin puppy hydrated on long car trips.

Diane’s Hydro Bone certainly solved that problem and more! On Real Simple’s list, the Hydro Bone is among other problem-solving products like a corn de-silker, dissolvable jar labels and a machine that chops up candy or cookie ice cream toppings. View Real Simple’s entire list here.

Congrats to Diane, our Creationeers, Hugs Pet Products and everyone else who had a hand in bringing this innovative bone to market!


A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Mother’s Day… The Meatball Baker Way!

Davison Baking InventionsWith Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, many of us may still be trying to find the perfect way to show mom all of the appreciation she deserves.

Well, blogger Toni Spilsbury is offering a Davison-designed solution for moms who love to cook on her blog, “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Making Dinner.  Saving Time.  Saving Money.”

The “Mothers Who Love to Cook Gift Guide” post features our client (mother and grandmother!) Jean’s idea, the Meatball Baker!

Spilsbury calls her gift list, which features several innovative cooking items, the “best of the web for that special mom” and says that she “personally hand-picked each of [the] fabulous items as something [she] would love to receive.”

 Meatball Baker

Specifically, Spilsbury says the Meatball Baker is a “brilliant baking pan [that] produces beautiful meatballs.”

She even mentions Jean’s innovative thinking when she says, “This product was invented by a mom who got tired of having her meatballs fall apart.”

Also making Spilsbury’s list were other big-name kitchen brands like Le Crueset, Pyrex and Cuisinart.

Davison InventorJean’s Meatball Baker was licensed by Chicago Metallic and currently sells there for $21.99.

So, if you’re still trying to decide how to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day, consider doing it the Davison-designed way!  

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Tonight, “Dare to Invent” Goes California Dreaming!

Davison Inventor

Tonight, again, we beg the question, do you… “Dare to Invent?” when we feature the fifth in our 13-episode “Dare to Invent” series on YouTube and at  This week’s webisode is live now and features John Iavarone, inventor of the BikeBoard.

In tonight’s episode, the California native faces an “X-treme” problem:  Trying to ride a conventional scooter, enjoying the ride, then being jolted off by uneven pavement or stray twigs.  Worse yet, John has to watch in horror as his kids do the same thing!

He wants a safer, sturdier scooter that is more unique and maneuverable; so, he takes matters into his own hands and brings his idea for a “west-coast” scooter, which combines surfboarding, skateboarding and biking… to Davison!

InventionlandNathan leads the creative team and, with a little help from fellow creationeer (and, often, test-dummy), Clay, they overcome all obstacles and the BikeBoard proves to be a rolling success!

John’s invention also reaches another exciting milestone when an international giant features the BikeBoard on some of their “cheesiest” packaging!

“This is an entrepreneur’s dream, to have a company like this to work with,” says John. “This has been a great relationship.”

Tune in NOW to watch John “Dare to Invent” and see all the twists and turns the BikeBoard takes as it goes from idea to reality!

Here is a sneak peek of some photos from this week’s “Dare to Invent” webisode:

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Davison Team Makes a Royal Visit to St. Louis!

Recenty, Mr. Davison and our production team made a “royal” visit in St. Louis!  While the pictures are breathtaking, the purpose of the trip to the Midwest was to surprise our client, Lennell, with the very first royalty check from her invention, the TheraPED.

Lennell’s TheraPED is an innovative spa-therapy product that she came up with to provide comfort from the “hot feet” she experienced as a result from multiple sclerosis.  Now, the TheraPED has been licensed by Health Enterprises and is marketed to people everywhere, who would like to provide hot or cold therapy to sore feet and toes.

So far, the product has been a big hit among yoga and zumba bloggers and was even given out in gift bags at the 45th Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards!

So, the Davison team hit the road to surprise Lennell with all of the TheraPED’s success.  After talking with members of the production team, it seems that pulling off the surprise was quite the task!


According to Mike, a member of the production team, Lennell almost arrived to the surprise party before any of the guests!

“Jasmin, Lennell’s daughter, was driving her mother and aunt to the party.  They were scheduled for an arrival at 6:00 p.m. sharp for the surprise party… the guests were supposed to arrive by 5:30 p.m.  Jasmin told me that their house was 10 minutes away from the building we were having the party in… a little after 5:00 p.m., I got a message from Jasmin… she said “We’re leaving now.  See you soon.”  I was worried that they would be arriving at 5:15 p.m., even before the guests!” said Mike.

Mike said he went to the lobby to wait for the guest of honor and tried to think of a way to logically delay her arrival at the party, but 5:30 p.m. came and went.  He met several of the other party guests and directed them into the party… but, there was still no Lennell, until right at 6:00 p.m.

“Lennell was totally surprised.  I asked Jasmin how she delayed their arrival.  She said that she pretended that she was lost and drove around the city until it was time.  Apparently, Lennell thought that her daughter had lost her mind, getting lost in the city that she knew so well,” said Mike.  “I should have known to trust Jasmin.” 

According to Adam, another member of our production team, overall, the trip was a huge success!

“The St. Louis trip was great.  The city was beautiful and the Arch was amazing.  Lennell and her family were very welcoming and a lot of fun.  I think we all felt like we were part of the family, especially during the surprise party.  It was a great moment that we can’t wait to share with everyone,” said Adam.


And, share they will!  Lennell, the TheraPED and more highlights from the St. Louis trip are scheduled to air in a future Dare to Invent webisode!

According to another member of the production team, Jimm, the quick trip proved for some awesome footage of our client Lennell, including the royalty check presentation and a little bit of the city, too.

“Our primary focus was to film an interview with Lennell and celebrate the success of her TheraPED… by presenting her with her first royalty check.  Lennell and her family welcomed us into their home and city; we had a great time… with her entire family.  We were able to get some video footage at Busch Stadium and the Arch.  The restaurant where we presented Lennell with her first royalty check probably has the best view of the Arch in the city,” said Jimm.

Lane also had an amazing time on the shoot in St. Louis, “We all had a really great time working together. It was a super rad experience. Lennel was a pleasure to meet and hang out with. The same goes for the family. They were all just so inviting!”

As if picturing all of that is not enough of a tease, we’ll have to wait for the Dare to Invent webisode to see the rest.  However, Mr. Davison offered us a great overview of what’s to come!

“Everyone did a great job.  To think that this whole project started as an idea years ago and it has brought together such wonderful people all along the way to its eventual, glorious surprise evening that was just… well, what it is really all about, isn’t it… people helping people to make the world a little better for our friends and neighbors.  Congrats to everyone at Davison, the Health Enterprises team, Lennell’s family, Lennell and all those who will benefit from this great new invention,” said Mr. Davison.

Lennell’s Dare to Invent debut is scheduled for late June.  Stay tuned!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Do You Dare… to Invent?!

Tell one, tell all… today marks the start of something very new and very exciting here at Davison!  Tonight, we begin our Dare to Invent webisode series!!

The innovative, new 12 episode series will showcase Davison clients and their inventions… from product inception to licensing and beyond!

Davison InventorThe very first Dare to Invent episode features Colorado inventor, Joy, and her Party on the Go!  Mr. Davison and several other members of our creative team are also featured in the interactive video clip, which tells the story of how the Party on the Go came to be.

According to Mr. Davison, the first episode is especially moving, because it allows viewers to watch Joy, a hopeful inventor, recognize her dream.

Davison Inventions“Everyone got to see the end of the dream, the fulfillment of the dream – receiving her first big check,” said Mr. Davison.

The episode is live right now and you can tune in to watch on YouTube or through a link on!

After the Dare to Invent series debut, a new episode is to be released every other week!

For a behind-the-scenes sneak peak, we’ve showcased some photos from the video shoot; but, be sure to tune in to watch the entire Dare to Invent episode now!

Kitchen Inventions

A typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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“Good Morning,” Davison Designs, So Glad to See You “Today!”

Recently, we announced that our client, Jean’s, Meatball Baker, which offers a healthy alternative to greasy meatballs, was featured in the most recent Avon catalog and at

Davison Product in Avon MagazineIt turns out, that great news was just the first bit of excitement the Meatball Baker has been cooking up lately!  Nearly as soon as we heard that our “Meatball Queen” Became an “Avon Lady,” the Meatball Baker was back at it!

This time, it was Good Morning America’s (GMA) ”Secret Steals and Deals” website that featured the Meatball Baker – and for 60% off at that!  For 48 hours, interested cooks everywhere could purchase the Meatball Baker for $8.80!

GMA also published an accompanying article called “Mom Inventions: Exclusive Deals and Steals, Just for ‘GMA’ Viewers,” which commended our client, Jean, on her invention.

Davison Client Product

“Mom/grandmother inventor “Jean the Meatball Queen” partnered with Davison, a new-products development company, to develop this rack that holds small, medium and extra-large meatballs letting all the fat drain into the bottom of baker,” the article stated.

Davison InventorWe couldn’t wait to be the first to tell Jean the great news either!

“To be truthful, I am not much of a TV watcher, so I really never heard of it until you just told me about it.  I do like the publicity though,” said Jean.   Jean expressed how happy she was about all the exposure her Meatball Baker has received and said she, sometimes, is still in disbelief!

“At times, it is still hard to believe that my idea has truly came to life.  I am seeing my idea used in other ways too, meaning I have seen my pan duplicated with just a change in the handle at a Farm & Fleet store in Eau Claire, Wi.  I have also seen the meatloaf pan where the grease drains through a grid for a healthier meal.  So, I look at it as my idea must have been a good one, if it is being used in all sorts of ways,” said Jean.

As for the possibility of her invention being in the news even more?

“The press can talk about my pan all they want,” said Jean. 

Speaking of great press for Davison-designed products, we also found the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan on a Bed Bath & Beyond advertisement on the NBC Today Show website!

 Davison in Media

What will be the next Davison-designed product we find out there?  We can’t wait to see!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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