Baking Inventions

Catch Brownie Bowl Fever by Winning Your Own Set!

Not long ago, we introduced readers to dessert diva Christine Walker and her innovative brownie bakeware. Now, the Brownie Bowl is getting serious attention far beyond our write-ups! Christine’s bowl is getting very high praise from users on Pinterest, DIY baking website Bakerella and many other baking-savvy social sites. To celebrate, Davison is sponsoring a …

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The Brownie Bowl – High School Cookie Mess to QVC “D”essert Success!

It is often said that the everyday can become extraordinary when seen through the eyes of a visionary.  When Pennsylvania native Christine Walker watched her high school boyfriend and his teammates make messes on their cafeteria trays with gigantic cookies soaked in milk, she knew that’s just not the way the cookie should crumble.  Christine …

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The Twisted History of the Pretzel

Whether salted or unsalted, crunchy or soft, there is one common characteristic that all pretzels share: their distinctive knotted shape. On April 26, we celebrate National Pretzel Day, so what better time to look back on the origin of the tasty pretzel? The pretzel has a rather “twisted” history, as there are several accounts regarding …

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New “Dare to Invent” Webisode Series Goes Live!

Just as we were preparing to release tonight’s “Dare to Invent” webisode, we opened up the pages of a local publication and read all about it!  Nestled in the pages of “The Horse Trader,” you can find Mr. Davison, our client, Joseph, (inventor of the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan), plus a brief article about our …

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“D-liciously D-lightful” Valentine’s Day Treats

As all of you lovers out there are aware, today is Valentine’s Day, a time to express our love to our “sweeties,” “honies” or whatever your preferred pet name for your lover is! Now, we know you can do this in a number of ways… chocolates, flowers, jewelry, etc. But, why not show your Valentine …

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Surprise-Filled Cupcakes? YES, Please!

We’ve got D-licious news about some Davison-designed bakeware that has landed on new store shelves!  Chicago Metallic’s Cupcake Surprise Pan can be found on the shelves, in the catalog and on the website of Sur La Table!  If you’re not familiar with the store, it boasts of selling ”quality tools that set the standard for …

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