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Thursday Thoughts from Great Inventors & Innovators

All inventors and innovators share two key characteristics – creativity and persistence.  In order to better understand others and ourselves as inventors, we must take a closer look at what these things really mean. Creativity – the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Persistence – firm …

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Power of Observation Leads to Innovation

Innovation is a natural phenomenon that occurs over time. Think of things you see and use in your daily life that have evolved by leaps and bounds over time thanks to major innovations and improvements – wheels, telecommunication, computers, gaming and more. It’s when we open our eyes and open our minds to the nature …

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How-To: Inventing Basics Every Inventor Should Know

Inventing is not an easy process. It takes motivation and dedication to move your invention forward. Founder George Davison has identified three key fundamentals of inventing. Let these ideals motivate you to push forward towards your goals. A desire to do good by improving things. In a previous blog post, we talked about the importance …

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Three Ways Davison Works to Get Inventions Licensed

Since 1989, Davison® has helped idea people turn their ideas into new products using our nine-step method that has proven to be A better way to invent®. For over twenty-five years, people have trusted our team of professionals to work through their ideas and hopefully get them to a stage where new inventions and innovations can be …

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Inventors’ Dreams Come True at The Container Store

“Fail your way forward.” This may be some of the greatest advice Davison founder and CEO Mr. George Davison has for any inventor. This advice is something he has learned and followed himself during his almost thirty years of inventing. Flash back to 1987. “In 1987, I could only dream to be in dialogue with …

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Start your Journey with the Decision to Try

Every day, we are faced with a multitude of decisions. From the simplest, like what shoes you’ll wear that day, to the more difficult decisions, like deciding if today is the day that you’ll take the steps to chase after your dreams. As the clock ticks on, we are constantly uncovering answers to questions. Deciding …

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Happy National Inventors’ Day!

At Davison, we treat every day like it’s National Inventors’ Day! Keep reading to learn more about this celebration! This isn’t your average day. Why? Because it’s National Inventors’ Day – a day that’s reserved to recognizing the great contributions of our nation’s inventors, both past and present! But, beyond a day to celebrate these …

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These Famous Idea People Failed Their Way Forward

  In Monday’s blog, we introduced the idea of failing your way forward. We showed you how failure isn’t the end. In fact, failure is just the beginning. After sharing our founder and CEO George Davison’s story of failing forward, we were intrigued and did some investigating of our own to uncover other prominent inventors …

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Fail your Way Forward

  The idea of “Fail your way forward” hits close to home here at Davison, but in a good way. Keep reading to learn more. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison “Fail your way forward.” It may sound counterproductive, because failure often carries a negative connotation. …

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Let’s Get Motivated: Happy Clients

    It’s a brand-new week, which brings along with it a clean slate to chase after your dreams. In the spirit of Motivation Monday, we want to share with you some feedback that we’ve received from our happy clients who Dared to Invent! If it weren’t for our clients chasing their dreams, we wouldn’t …

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