Our Better Way to Make Bacon Sizzles on QVC!

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Did you catch “In the Kitchen with David” on QVC last night?

Let’s just say the show left us sizzling with excitement!

Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro was back in David Venable’s kitchen showing off one of our latest baking product ideas, the Bacon Baker!

Dubbed the Bacon Bakin’ Pan by Chef Tony, the innovative product that we designed stemmed from our client Jean’s Meatball Baker idea. It provides a Better Way to make healthier bacon by vertically-baking bacon and elevating each individual slice out of its own grease.

Even before the dynamic duo debuted the Bacon Bakin’ Pan, Venable was hyping up the innovative product early in the show, tantalizing viewers with the “brand new way to cook divine swine.”

Once Chef Tony began touting the product that we created at our design facility and showing off just what the Bacon Bakin’ Pan can do, incredible sales immediately followed.

Within minutes, 500 Bacon Bakin’ Pans had sold.

Chef Tony and Venable continued to showcase perfectly cooked bacon, which the pan allows to cook on its side, preserving “all the flavor without the guilt,” as Chef Tony noted.

QVC viewers heard his message and by the time the segment was over, 1,800 of the 8,500 available pans remained and Venable said the phone lines remained “super busy.”

He wasn’t kidding! Only moments later, read, “We’re sorry, this item is not available at this time.” Yes, that’s right! The Bacon Bakin’ Pan sold out on its debut QVC appearance!

We couldn’t be more excited for our client, Jean, Chef Tony and the entire team that worked to bring the innovative Bacon Bakin’ Pan to QVC!

And, don’t worry if you missed out last night; the innovative Bacon Bakin’ Pan is now available on!

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Groupon Sells Out of Davison’s Hot and Cold Back-Therapy Brace Within Hours

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If you haven’t heard of the deal-of-the-day website, Groupon, the chances are good that you may have been living under a rock for the past five years or so. While that may be a drastic statement, it is safe to say that Groupon is everywhere!

The global leader in commerce works something like this… every 24 hours, the brains behind the operation offer up an electronic coupon for a product, restaurant or service at typically 40-60% below cost.

Other than sharing sheer innovation in common, Groupon and Davison now have another link; we’re excited to announce that a Davison-designed product has been featured as one of Groupon’s showcased products!

In fact the Hot and Cold Back-Therapy Brace, which was licensed by Health Enterprises, was not only featured; but, it SOLD OUT in just a few, short hours!

While you can no longer purchase the Hot and Cold Back-Therapy Brace on Groupon, you can see what the site had to say about the Davison-designed product:

“A series of gel packs lines the brace to treat any aches with either hot or cold therapy. Its sturdy construction also helps protect against new problems by placing firm yet comfortable pressure on the lower back. The brace comes with five removable splints that users can remove for customized support.”

In addition to showcasing some of the product’s very functional features, Groupon also said, tongue in cheek, that the Hot and Cold Back-Therapy Brace“provides back support and a listening ear when you’re sad.” Now, that may be one feature we didn’t think of!

See the entire Hot and Cold Back-Therapy Brace Groupon offering here.

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A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.


Davison-Designed Pampering Products Stay Ahead in Trends!

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Two of the hottest Davison-designed beauty products are continuing to pick up steam in the fashion world. Already popular with online trendsetters, the TheraPED  and the Manicure Multitool are featured in the Fall 2013 edition of Trends Magazine!

The TheraPED, a spa-therapy product that provides hot and cold relief for sore, aching feet, was invented by our client, Lennell.

The Manicure Multitool, invented by our late client, Cathalene, makes at-home manicures and pedicures a breeze with six essential nail tools.

After Davison helped complete the design for the two products, it didn’t take long for Health Enterprises, Inc. President Brendan Leonard to take notice and license the items.

Now, the pampering must-haves will be sharing the spotlight on page 56 of the Fall 2013 issue of Trends Magazine!

Deemed “the magazine” for Canadian fashion retailers, Trends provides Canadian fashion buyers with “the most comprehensive, searchable and up-to-date directory of suppliers and contact information available to the Canadian fashion industry.”

Pick up a copy of Trends or view the awesome spread here!

Copyright Davison 2013

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

How’s That Made Thursday: The Better Tether

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As National Pet Month comes to a close, we’re reflecting on all the inventions that make the lives of our pets just a little bit better.  Today, we’re taking a look at a product that truly has innovated the way we tether our pets outdoors:  the Better Tether.

That’s right, this week, we’re unleashing how the humane tethering device, the Better Tether, was made.

Ed Yoder and his dogs were inseparable; so, it was only natural that when Ed was outside gardening, mowing the lawn or just enjoying some sun, his pups wanted to be there, too.  But, Ed got tired of his dogs knocking over their food and water with their traditional tethers while he completed his yard work.

Ed longed for a better way to allow his pets to remain outdoors with him.  So, he started working on an idea that would provide more convenience for his pets… and for him.

Ed’s Better Tether is devised with a divided dish that holds food and water, solving pets’ outdoor hunger and hydration needs.  Unlike traditional tethers, the Better Tether actually sits at ground-level, thanks to a strong steel post that securely anchors the dish into the ground.

Since pet owners attach their beloved pets’ leashes to the steel post, the Better Tether is impossible to spill and even avoids the lawnmower, because of where it sits.  The dish is bright orange, too: so, it’s visible day or night.

Success for Ed, his dog and pets everywhere?  We’d say so:  The Better Tether was licensed by Hugs Pet Products and was named a 2011 Pet Product News International Retailers’ Top Pick.

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

How’s That Made Thursday: The Hydro Bone

Featured Invention, How's That Made Thursday, Hugs Pet Products

Call us crazy, but we’re taking this nice stretch of weather as spring is here to stay.  Bring on fun in the sun!

Of course, our pets are never far from any outdoor excitement and it’s National Pet Month; so, we’re taking a look at a refreshing invention that’s made quite a splash in the pet product industry.  Today, we’re examining how the Hydro Bone is made.

If you’re not yet familiar with the award-winning Hydro Bone, it’s a hydrating pet toy that releases water as pets chew and play with it.  And, it all started in the mind an inventor who wanted to find a way to giver her dog a drink when they were traveling on long car trips.

She found the water bowl was a definite “no” and her pup couldn’t exactly drink out of a water bottle.  Knowing that the car wasn’t the only place that pets needed to keep cool, Diane DiRaimo set out to invent a product that would help pets stay cool any-and-everywhere.

The concept behind the Hydro Bone is simple:  with molded rubber and a foam core, the Hydro Bone is made to absorb and hold water.  Through small holes throughout the toy, the water is slowly released when the toy is squeezed during play.

Solving the inventor’s initial problem, the Hydro Bone quenches pet thirst without the mess.  Going the extra mile, it can be used in the car, at the park or at home.  In fact, it can even be frozen to provide longer-lasting refreshment.

What started as an idea has expanded into an entire family of hydrating pet inventions.  The Hydro family now includes the Hydro Bone, Hydro Ball, Hydro Ring, Hydro Saucer and Hydro Fetch.

The Hydro Bone is available in sizes small, medium and large and was even named a 2010 Dog Fancy Magazine Editors’ Choice Award winner!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

How’s That Made Thursday: The Hover Creeper

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Not only has it finally started to feel a little bit more like spring, the time when we want everything to look and feel like new, April is National Car Care Month.  What better time to find out a little more about an invention that has transformed a common, yet flawed, mechanic’s tool?  Today, we take a look at how the Hover Creeper is made.

What’s wrong with a traditional creeper that you have probably seen your mechanic slide around in, you ask?

Well, the wheels.  They get stuck in floor cracks, make wild turns over bolts or other loose floor debris and are prone to breaking.  Then, you’ve got an unhappy mechanic (whose back is probably stiff) stuck under a probably-still-broken automobile.

Enter the Hover Creeper, now the industry’s lowest ground clearance creeper.  It’s actually designed to float on air, thanks to a compressed air bladder.

By plugging the Hover Creeper in to an air compressor, mechanics are easily able to glide underneath the car or truck they’re working on, then simply shut off the compressor for instant brake action.  Designed at Inventionland, the Hover Creeper includes an outlet to support mechanics’ tools that require compressed air and is even equipped with a built-in tool caddy.

Further improving on traditional creepers, the Hover Creeper is ergonomically-designed for comfort and support while working.

Now, does it work?  The Hover Creeper successfully glides over cracks or other imperfections on garage floors; it is even strong enough to support about 400 pounds!

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

Kid Inventors

Featured Invention, Innovative Inventions, Inventor Stories

The best thing about an idea is that anyone can have one: young or old, man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has ideas. But, the thing that separates inventors from everybody else is that they act on their ideas and try to turn them into something real. It takes hard work and determination to turn your idea into a product; which is probably why most inventions are brought to market by adults. But, what if we told you that there are a surprising number of inventions that were developed by kids? That’s right, kids! There are some remarkable kids out there who not only had an idea for a new gadget or device, but had the fortitude to go through all of the steps to bring it to market. So let’s meet a few of these young inventors who never listened when someone said, “You can’t do that, you’re just a kid.”

  • Kathryn Gregory, of Bedford Massachusetts, who became an inventor in 1994 when she was just ten years old. One day, she was outside building a snow fort on a snowy winter’s day. After a while, her wrists started to hurt because the snow got into the space between her coat and her gloves. Rather than complain about it, she fixed the problem by inventing Wristies; protective winter gear that was designed to be worn under your coat and gloves to block the snow, wind, and cold from entering any unprotected gaps. The story goes that she tested the invention with her scout troop who really liked them. Encouraged by her “market research,” she started a company. By 1997, her company was manufacturing Wristies and she became the youngest person to sell on QVC. Her company continues to prosper almost 20 years later.


  • Abbey Fleck, who was eight when she invented “the best way in the world to cook bacon;” the MAKIN’BACON microwave dish. The story goes that back in 1991, Abbey was making bacon withher father who always laid the bacon out on a paper towel after microwaving to absorb the excess fat. Well, that day he ran out of paper towels and laid the bacon out on a newspaper. Needless to say, her Mom wasn’t pleased, to which Dad responded “I couldn’t just let it drip dry.” But Abbey said, “Why not? Let’s put the bacon on a rack with a dish underneath to catch the drippings.” Bingo, the MAKIN’BACON dish was born. So Abbey and her Dad tinkered around with some designs and came up with the MAKIN’BACON dish, with a triple rack to hang bacon on while it’s cooking in the microwave, a bowl to catch the drippings, and even a handle to take it safely from the microwave. Today, the dish is still going strong and sells at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Le Gourmet Chef and many other stores. Abbey is all grown up now, but she still loves her bacon!


  • Hart Main, who was 13 when he invented Man-Cans, candles in more “man-friendly” scents. As Hart tells the story, his sister was selling candles for a school fundraiser that had “really girlie scents” like apple, cinnamon, and lavender. Hart had an idea to make candles that had more manly aromas, like coffee, grass, campfire, and even sawdust. So, he bought some supplies with a $100 he made from delivering newspapers and went to work. He used high quality paraffin that he melted on his Mom’s stove and poured it into old soup cans that had the labels removed—he used cans because he didn’t want a manly scented candle in a “girlie” glass jar. He went around school and his neighborhood and sold his candles one at a time. He soon ran out of old cans so he went to the market and bought cases of soup. But now he had another brilliant idea: rather than throw the soup away, he gave the soup to a local soup kitchen to feed the homeless. In the three years he has been in business, his company has donated to more than 18 soup kitchens in the Ohio River valley and served more than 50,000 meals to the homeless. Oh yeah, he’s sold a lot of candles too!


These are just a few of the many inventions that came from kids. Others include earmuffs, the trampoline, the Popsicle, and even Braille—the alphabet using raised dots that enables the blind to read. There are so many other stories, but it’s pretty clear even from these few—kids are pretty smart. So, the next time your child or niece or even the neighbor’s kid says, “Hey, I have a great idea”, instead of laughing off the possibility that a kid could come up with a great invention, you may just want to open your ears and listen!


Davison-designed Cat Toys Curl Up to Petco Shelves!

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Today, we’re heating things up and taking you back to the long, sunny days of summer when we first introduced a few Davison-designed cat toys.

At the time, Hugs Pet Products, who licensed the innovative line that promises to keep cats occupied for hours, was preparing to showcase the toys at one of the pet product industry’s biggest trade shows, SuperZoo in Las Vegas.

Well, since that time the weather has turned colder, but some pretty purr-fect things have been happening for the toys, which are proving to be hot – hot – HOT!

“Look what hit Petco stores…” said Davison Vice President of Business Development and Licensing, when he shared a photo of the line on store shelves earlier this month.

That’s right, several toys in Hugs’ innovative cat line have landed (on all four-feet, of course) on the shelves at the leading pet specialty retailer. Of course, we’re “feline” pretty good about the placement!

“Hugs and Inventionland are excited to finally see the new innovative cat items starting to hit PETCO stores. The six new items look great on the store shelf and we look forward to the continued success with Petco in this category,” said Simbeck.

Check out the Wobble Ball, Mouse Trap, Teeter Rocker, Wibble Wobble, Whack-A-Mouse and Purr-Fect Ball on Petco shelves.


Check back for more updates on these much meowed-for pet products!

How Your Favorite Foods Were Invented

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite foods were invented? Sure, a lot of the foods we eat are pretty obvious; steak comes from cattle, pork from pigs, chicken from, well, chickens. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure that out.  And, the fruits and veggies we eat are pretty obvious as well; you pick them from a tree or plant and eat them.  However, there are a lot of foods we love to eat that didn’t exist until someone invented them; that’s right, invented them.  Things like potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, even cheeseburgers didn’t exist until someone had either a great idea, or a happy accident that resulted in the creation of one of our favorite foods.  Here are a few examples of tasty treats that were invented right here in America:

  • Potato Chip – The story behind the potato chip is that in 1853, a chef at a Saratoga Springs restaurant got upset when a patron complained about his French Fries not being crisp enough.  To get even, he cut a potato into paper-thin wafers and fried them so long a “chip” could literally stand on its edge, then over-salted it and sent them back to the patron.  As you probably guessed, the customer loved them and “Saratoga Chips” or “potato chips “were born
  • Cheeseburger – A young cook working at a diner in Southern California in the 1930s accidentally burned a hamburger he was frying for a customer and, rather than throw it away, he hid the charred burger under a slice of cheese.  Of course, it tasted wonderful. Soon, everyone wanted a “cheeseburger,” and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie –This story tells of a woman named Ruth Wakefield, who ran the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts in the 1930s. One day, she ran out of baking chocolate for her chocolate cookies and decided to break a bar of semi-sweet chocolate in small pieces and add those to her recipe instead.  Well, instead of melting like the baking chocolate would have, the semi-sweet chunks  just got soft. Needless to say, everyone loved the new “chip’ cookies and Ms. Wakefield became famous. In fact, her Toll House Cookie recipe is still on the wrapper of Nestlé’s chocolate chips today!
  • Popsicle – An 11 year old boy named Frank Epperson left a cup of soda pop with a stick in it outside on a very cold night.  When he woke up, he found his “frozen pop” and realized that it was delicious. He began making them for his friends, and when he got older and had children of his own, his kids would ask him to make “Pop’s ‘sicle”. Well, seeing how much his kids loved them and thinking other kids would too, Epperson filed for a patent in 1923. He later sold the rights to the Popsicle to the Joe Lowe Company of New York, who eventually sold it to the Good Humor Ice Cream Company.
  • Cornflakes – The story goes that the Kellogg brothers were trying to create toasted wheat flakes when they accidentally discovered the process of creating flaked corn cereal. So back in 1906, they began their commercial cereal business and named it the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company (later Kellogg’s). Ironically, in the early 1920s, a Minnesota doctor stumbled upon a way to make wheat flakes (what the Kellogg’s were originally trying for) and worked with the Washburn Crosby Company to market “Wheaties.”  The company later became General Mills, the lifelong rival of Kellogg’s.
  • Corn Dogs – This is a tough one because there are many claimants as to who invented the corn dog. As far as we know, corn dogs gained popularity in the 1940s, and the most often cited inventors of this deep fried delight are the Fletcher brothers in Texas, and George and Vera Boyington in Oregon (they called theirs Pronto Pups).  Either way, the idea was the same, take a hot dog, pop it on a stick, dip it in some corn meal batter, deep fry it and WHAM, dinner. An easy way to make an easy (and portable) food to eat.  Look Ma, no bun…

Of course, humans have been creating food for thousands of years; beer, cheese, wine – and heck, even pretzels have a history of a couple of hundreds of years. We are clearly a clever bunch of mammals who not only grow our own food, but invent it as well (can you imagine having the patent on beer?). One thing is for sure,  it’s  going to continue to get even better! New technologies paired with food – like liquid nitrogen and ice cream (think “Dippin Dots”) are going to keep this trend going strong, so keep an open mind and a healthy appetite!

The Innovative Kitchen of the Future

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With all of us eagerly awaiting news of the latest entertainment and communications gadgets that we love—smart phones, tablets, video game consoles, laptops, and TVs—it’s easy to forget that the latest technology has also been incorporated into exciting new gadgets for the kitchen.  We seldom hear about the latest refrigerator or the coolest new dishwasher.
Well, move over iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SII, because here comes the latest and greatest innovations to hit the kitchen since the toaster was invented.  Let’s take a look at some really cool ideas that may be coming soon to a kitchen near you.

  • The SmartPot – Have you ever left a pot cooking on the stove and forgot it was there? Ted Selker, an MIT professor has, so he invented the SmartPot.  He installed a radio-frequency control microchip and a thermometer in a saucepan to allow it to communicate with a similar microchip inserted in the stove’s computer.  He says that the Smart Pot detects the heat from the stove and can actually control its own temperature by sending radio signals to the stove
  • Talking Refrigerators – Samsung already has a refrigerator that features a touch screen and access to apps such as weather and Facebook (seen here), and you can also leave voice messages for your family. But they are planning a refrigerator that can keep track of what is inside and create a shopping list for you based on what foods are getting low, so now instead of having everyone in the family give you orders to buy milk, eggs, bread and oreo cookie ice cream; you can take all your orders from one source—your talking refrigerator
  • The SmartSink – Not to be outdone by a mere pot, the Smart Sink uses cameras to sense whether someone is placing hands, food or plates under the faucet, and adjusts its temperature automatically to suit hot-water dishwashing or cold-water vegetable-scrubbing.  So, now you won’t burn your hands when you forget to let the water run a bit
  • Cooktops Powered by Magnetic Induction – A company called Gaggenau has created a cooktop that uses a precise transfer of heat via a magnetic field, ensuring optimum use of energy and faster cooking times. The stove detects the diameter of a pot’s base and only that precise area is heated, therefore heat is produced only where it is needed and the surface not in contact with the cookware stays cool to the touch
  • Reading Microwave Ovens – If you eat a lot of frozen food, then you know how great it would be to have a microwave oven that can scan the bar code of your food and set the time and temperature exactly for that type of food. Other microwaves on the drawing board include one with an Android interface that would allow you to control the microwave with simple one-touch setting for all your favorite foods
  • Wireless Appliances – Wouldn’t it be great if the small appliances on your countertop were wireless?  Your blender, toaster, coffee pot, and food processor would all have transmitters  built-in and be powered from electrical wires snaked under the countertop.  Say goodbye to those unsightly plugs and cords on the counter.

Now, if we could just do the same for our laptops and printers…Now that we have an idea of what exciting technology is coming to our kitchens in the near future, maybe we will start eagerly awaiting the latest product launches from Gaggenau and Samsung. After all, there’s one thing we love more than our smart phones and video games, and that’s delicious food.

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